The Benefits of Onion Juice for HairCategoriesHaircare

The Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair

Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle patterns, unhealthy food habits and hair woes are an increasing concern day by day. Traditional remedies take a longer time to bring out the benefits and this has limited our use of traditional means to combat issues related to hair. Amongst hundreds of traditional herbs and ingredients, Onions have been used for ages to treat hair woes and bring natural nourishment.

Unknown Benefits of Dheedhi Daily Herbal ShampooCategoriesHaircare

Unknown Benefits of Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo

Dheedhi daily herbal shampoo is a natural and herbal formulation of several natural ingredients that nourish your hair locks and makes them smooth and shiny. An ideal solution to treat your hair and promote natural hair growth. It nourishes hair follicles to grow naturally. It’s a mild herbal formula that can be used to wash hair daily. It is free from harmful chemicals like Paraben, sulphates and Petrochemicals. Read on to find out unknown benefits of Dheedhi Daily herbal Shampoo.

Best Shampoo for Hair that can be Used Daily to Nourish HairCategoriesHaircare

Best Shampoo for Hair that can be Used Daily to Nourish Hair

Years before the introduction of grooming products, ancient people depended on nature and natural resources for beauty and hygiene. With advancement and introduction of modern technologies and ways of living this shifted towards artificial products building importance on beauty and personal care. With western influence, we have now based ourselves on millions of products under the beauty, personal care or grooming segment to enhance health, beauty and overall wellness. However the use of chemical products caused further harm and gave its own consequences. This raised a concern, following which a shift towards natural products were seen. We have now adopted natural and organic products to treat our personal care concerns.