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  • Daily care moisturizer


    Daily Care Moisturizer

    Dhathri Daily Care Moisturizer is a nourishing daily moisturizing cream for deep nourishment with an SPF of 20+ that offers a complete protection for your skin. The essence of lotus, nalpamara, saffron and other natural ingredients infused in this moisturizer helps in  maintaining the moisture level of skin by keeping your skin smooth and hydrated all day long.

  • Dhathri-Myactin


    Myactin Ortho Roll On 75ml

    An Ortho Roll-On that provides fast pain relief caused by joint or muscular problems. This 100% ayurvedic roll-on is made using the rich ingredients of Mahanaryana Thailam that penetrate deeps into the skin and give soothing and relaxing effects on the applied area and relieve the pain.  This roll-on can be used for all your body pains and can attain the best effective results faster.

  • sandal soap


    Sandal Soap (Pack Of 5)

    Dhathri Sandal Soap nourishes skin with rich therapeutic ingredients: sandalwood, vetiver and coconut oil- known for skin moisturization.  Sandalwood in sandal soap nourishes the skin, leaving a warm and woody fragrance that rejuvenates and keeps you refreshed.

  • dhathri nalpamara soap


    Nalpamara Soap (Pack Of 5)

    Dhathri Oushadha Nalpamara Soap is a herbal soap made from four different species of Ficus trees known for its therapeutic benefits. This Ayurvedic soap helps to protect skin from infections and allergies, giving you pigment-free skin. It is safe to use for babies.

  • dhathri turmeric soap


    Turmeric Soap (Pack Of 5)

    Turmeric soap is a herbal soap that protects skin with its antibacterial properties, leaving skin afresh. Enriched with curcumin in turmeric soap that promotes healthy brighter skin. Ideal for face & body.