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  • red onion shampoo and conditioner combo



    Onion Bringa Shampoo and Conditioner Combo

    Get more “good hair days” with the organic Red Onion Shampoo and Conditioner Kit! Infused with the nourishing power of organic red onion, this powerful combo deeply hydrates and makes your hair healthy and smooth. Dhathri Onion Shampoo Conditioner Combo is the ultimate organic hair care combo for those who want to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

  • Super saver combo



    Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo Super Saver Combo

    Say goodbye to all your hair care woes with this Super Saver Shampoo Combo. Dhathri Dheedhi Volume & Thickness Herbal Shampoo formulated with the goodness of herbal extracts from Henna, Heartseed and Tinospora nurture fine thin hairs, increasing their volume and making them visibly thicker. Dheedhi Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo is the best herbal shampoo for treating damaged, dull hair and restoring its natural shine. This combo rejuvenates and nourishes your hair making it look healthy and lustrous. This is a must-have Combo to restore hair’s lost shine and to improve hair texture.

  • Anti-dandruff and anti-hairfall shampoo combo



    Anti Dandruff & Anti- Hairfall Shampoo 400ml Super Saver Combo

    This is a Super Saver Combo Pack of Dhathri Anti Dandruff Herbal shampoo and Dhathri Anti-Hairfall Herbal shampoo, where you can save big. Dhathri Anti Dandruff Herbal Shampoo is an ayurvedic shampoo that has antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties to fight dandruff.

    Dheedhi Anti Hair Fall Herbal Shampoo is herbal therapy to keep hair fall in control, promoting strength and healthy growth of hair.

  • Hair growth combo



    Hair Growth Combo

    ‘Great Hair’ starts with Dhathri Hair Growth Combo Kit!  

    Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil & Onion Shampoo Conditioner Combo is the perfect solution for beautiful hair and effective hair growth. This dynamic combo, enriched with the nourishing properties of red onion, coconut oil, and hibiscus, provides deep hydration, resulting in healthy and silky-smooth hair. 

    Bid goodbye to hair fall and hair thinning with our Ayurvedic Hair Growth Combo Kit! So why wait? Buy it right away and feel the difference for yourself!

  • Anti dandruff combo



    Anti Dandruff Combo

    Anti Dandruff Combo contains Anti-dandruff Oil that treats Dandruff, Anti Dandruff Herbal Shampoo to cleanse the scalp and Dheedhi Conditioner to smoothen the hair strands.  This is an ultimate scalp nourishment kit to treat your hair and scalp, keeping them healthy and strong.





  • Dheedhi shampoo and conditioner super saver



    Shampoo & Conditioner Saver Combo

    Save big with Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo & Dhathri Dheedhi Conditioner Combo. Dhathri Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo is a herbal shampoo made from a unique blend of natural herbs to keep hair clean and dandruff-free. 

    Dhathri Dheedhi Conditioner is a completely safe herbal conditioner to be used on the scalp and can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. It’s a daily essential to keep hair smooth and free from frizz.


  • Hand wash value pack



    Hand Wash Value Pack (Buy 1 Get 1 Free)

    Dhathri Aloevera Hand Wash is a refreshing and protective hand wash enhanced with the properties of Alovera, Cucumber, Tulsi, Eucalyptus and Reetha. Experience the delightful fragrance and pamper your hands with this perfect combo which also includes an Anti-Bacterial Turmeric Hand Wash to retain the natural moisture of your hands. This disinfectant hand wash pack provides complete protection for your hands with its bacteria-killing properties. Add this hygiene essential to your daily routine to experience an amazing germ-free hand washing experience.


  • Dheedhi shampoo with free toothpaste


    Dheedhi Shampoo 200ml + Tooth Paste 45gm (Free)

    This is a super saver combo deal where a tooth pate of 45gm is free with each Dheedhi Shampoo 200 ml. Dhathri Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo is a daily use shampoo made from a unique blend of natural herbs to keep hair clean and dandruff-free. 

    Dhathri Ayurvedic Toothpaste is an Ayurvedic toothpaste that offers the complete solution to all your oral problems.

  • anti hair fall combo



    Anti-Hair Fall Kit

    Our Anti hair fall Combo contains Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth, Anti-Hair fall Shampoo with 7 therapeutic leaves to combat hair fall issues, Dheedhi Conditioner to nourish scalp and hair and Hair Protector Cream which is a combination of 15 herbs that promotes hair growth. A natural solution to reduce hair fall and promote the hair growth naturally.



  • Shampoo and conditioner



    Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner

    Anti Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner Combo gives you a dandruff-free scalp that promotes healthy hair growth. Anti Dandruff shampoo cleanses the scalp and clears dandruff while the herbal conditioner removes frizz, adding softness and shine. Get this shampoo and conditioner for dandruff as the perfect dandruff care companion for a healthy hair routine.




  • Frizz Free Hair kit



    Frizz Free Hair Kit

    A combo with Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil that promotes scalp nourishment and hair growth, Chemparathi Thaali to treat hair & make them soft and shiny, and a conditioner to treat frizz, keeping them manageable the whole day long. This frizz-free hair combo adds the ultimate nourishment hair requires for a healthy shine and bounce.





  • pimple treatment kit



    Pimple Treatment Kit

    Our Pimple Treatment kit is a combinaton of Pimple Clear Neem Face Wash with neem leaf extracts to fight acne and prevent pimples, Face Pack that treats dark spots, blemishes restoring natural glow, Aloe Vera Gel that hydrates skin and reduces acne marks. An ultimate solution to keep pimples, dark spots and blemishes at bay.






  • Dry skin treatment kit



    Dry-Skin Treatment Kit

    Dry Skin Kit includes Moisturizing Aloe vera Gel hydrate dry skin, Nourishing Shea butter Body Wash to soothe and rejuvenate skin and Nourishing Daily care moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized all day long. This combo is ideal for dry skin concerns and contains no harmful chemicals.





  • summer care kit



    Summer Skin Care Kit

    Summer Skin Care Kit is a combination of Neem Face Wash for a spotless glowing face, Aloe Vera Gel to hydrate skin & reduce spots or acne marks, Dhathri Daily Care Moisturizer for complete skin protection and Aloe vera Body Wash to hydrate skin & body, bringing a refreshing glow post-bath. Get the ultimate summer glow with the goodness of natural ingredients.

  • hand wash combo



    Turmeric and Aloe Vera Hand Wash Bundle

    Dhathri Ayurvedic Turmeric Hand wash effectively cleanses your hand making it smooth, fragrant and moisturised. Dhathri Aloevera Hand wash efficiently cleanses your hand making it smooth, fragrant and moisturised. Moisturizing Aloe vera Hand Wash hydrates your hands while keeping them clean. Add this hygiene essential to your daily routine to keep your hands clean, healthy and soft. This disinfectant handwash combo provides complete protection for your hands with its bacteria-killing properties.




  • Damage Free Scalp Combo



    Damage Free Scalp Combo

    A hair repair kit with Hair Care Herbal Oil to nourish hair follicles, Damage Repair Shampoo to repair damaged hair and revive scalp and hair and Herbal Conditioner to keep hair manageable and frizz-free. A must-have combo in hair care regimen to restore the lost shine and lustre of hair






Explore Ayurvedic Beauty Combo Products from the House of Dhathri

In a world where beauty trends come and go, there’s something timeless and enduring about Ayurvedic beauty secrets. Our combo offers, comprising a carefully curated combo pack offer and combo kit, bring you the very best of nature’s treasures in the form of herbal products, specifically tailored for your beauty needs.

Why Choose Ayurvedic Beauty Combo Products?

Dhathri, with its rich legacy in Ayurveda, blends ancient wisdom with modern science to craft beauty combos that harmonize your body, mind, and spirit. Our Ayurvedic beauty combos go beyond mere skincare; they are a journey towards healing and holistic wellness. Here’s why you should try products from Dhathri Ayurveda:

Ayurvedic Hair Care Products: Our combos include specialized hair care products infused with the goodness of herbs like Amla, Bhringraj, and Hibiscus. 

Body Care Products: Pamper your skin with Ayurvedic body care products that are gentle yet effective. Nourish your skin with the power of ingredients like Turmeric, Neem, and Sandalwood, leaving it radiant and refreshed.

Complete Beauty Solutions: Dhathri’s Ayurvedic beauty combos are designed to provide comprehensive solutions for all your beauty needs. 

Natural and Safe: Our commitment to purity ensures that you’re using products free from harmful chemicals, making them suitable for all skin and hair types.

Experience Dhathri 

When you choose Dhathri’s Ayurvedic Beauty Combo Products, you’re choosing more than just a skincare routine; you’re choosing a lifestyle that celebrates natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your hair, rejuvenate your skin, or simply bask in the holistic wellness that Ayurveda offers, our combo products are your trusted companions on this journey. Dive into the world of Ayurvedic beauty with Dhathri, and let your inner radiance shine through.