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    Dhathri Fairness Facepack


Face packs are a commonly known part of a skin care regimen. It’s been used for ages with the idea of treating skin and bringing a radiant glow to the skin. Moving forward, with different kinds of users and varying changes, the benefit that face packs delivered also varied. Depending upon the skin, a Face pack for dry skin, a face pack for oily skin etc were introduced. Later, as skin types varied from one to another, it became a necessity to provide solutions that suited each skin type. Thus face pack for sensitive skin was also introduced. Face pack with herbal formulas, however, is aimed at providing a glow, suitable and safe for any skin type as ingredients in herbal formulas are safe on any skin type.

Owing to the rising demand for facial Care essentials, Face packs should be an effective remedy for cleansing skin and removing dirt, dust, makeup or product buildup on the surface of the skin. It should remove excess oiliness on the face but neither make the skin dry. The ingredients that go into the face pack plays a crucial role in the benefit delivered. Ayurvedic and Herbal face packs are an nourishing addition to the skin by removing the dead skins and promoting an afterglow that is natural and safe. The ingredients in Ayurvedic face packs ensures that skin is not exposed to chemicals and skin looks supple and soft. Thus the Ayurvedic treat on your face ensures your face gets a natural radiance that stays longer.

Our Face pack is a combination of rich natural ingredients like Lotus, Turmeric, Licorice, Barley and Cobra saffron, all of which, known for the magic they do on skin. It’s an easy to do 3 minute facial for the face, adding a vibrant glow. Fatty acids in Lotus keep the skin balanced. It is an ingredient that promotes good skin health. Turmeric has healing powers on the skin, keeping it well protected. It prevents breakouts, Acne scarring and blemishes as well. Licorice works as an inflammation agent that also reduces hyperpigmentation, and is often promoted as a natural skin lightening agent. Along with this our face pack also has barley which fights Acne and cobra saffron that reduce blemishes, dark spots and acne. Try our Ayurvedic 3 min facial care Face pack that improves skin tone and treats black spots, dark patches and blemishes and get a glowing radiance with every use. Natural glow unaffected by chemicals.