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5-in-1 Soap Combo

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This 5 in 1 soap combo offer includes Oushadha Soap, Sandal Soap, antibacterial Turmeric Soap, Raktha Chandan Soap and Nalpamaradi Soap to keep skin healthy and free from allergies, blemishes and irritations. Experience a refreshing shower with each of these herbal soaps combo that are free from harmful chemicals.







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Weight: 75gms each


Ensure the best protection and nourish for your skin with this exclusive bath soap combo offer. The 5 in 1 soap combo offer is a complete remedy for refreshing the skin and protects the skin from skin infections and allergies.

Oushadha Soap (75gms) gives you  healthy skin  free of illnesses and allergies. It is a herbal soap made with herbal ingredients  that is suitable for all skin types and maintains healthy skin.

Raktha Chandan Soap (75gms) is a Grade 1 Ayurvedic soap with TFM 76% with red sandalwood extracts and sandalwood extracts to treat pimples, dark spots and blemishes. It gives you healthy skin free from pigmentation, scars and marks.

Sandal soap (75gms) Sandal soap is renowned for its therapeutic properties, which aid in moisturising and nourishing the skin. Along with the rejuvenation and refreshment it provides the skin, it also leaves a pleasant woody aroma on the body.

Turmeric soap (75gms) The rich turmeric extracts added to turmeric soap aid to provide healthy, radiant skin. It also shields the skin with its antimicrobial properties. Both the face and the body benefit from it.

Nalpamara soap (75gms)  Herbal soap Nalpamara protects skin against allergies and infections. It is an ayurvedic soap that aids in providing you skin free of pigment. It is made from four different types of Ficus plants. It is good for baby skin too.

Promotes healthy skin
Moisturizes skin and removes blemishes
Reduce skin allergies and irritations
Promotes fresh & natural skin tone
Red Sandalwood
Coconut oil
Vetiver oil
Nalpamara extracts

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg


  • Wet body and face
  • Gently apply soap and rinse with water
  • Indulge in a nourishing shower that offers you healthy skin with therapeutic goodness

8 reviews for 5-in-1 Soap Combo

  1. Vibha Singh

    Totaly worth the price

  2. balamurugan kandhasamy

    Nice product from god owns country…

  3. Sreeveena

    My kids absolutely adore these ayurvedic soaps! Not only are they gentle on their skin, but the fragrances keeps bath time exciting and enjoyable for them.

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Why Is Dhathri 5-in-1 Soap Combo the Best Choice for Daily Bath & Body Care?

Finding the right products for your daily bath and body care routine is essential to maintain healthy and nourished skin. The Dhathri 5-in-1 Soap Combo offer is a comprehensive solution to meet your needs. This combo includes five essential soaps: Oushadha Soap, Raktha Chandan Soap, Sandal Soap, Turmeric Soap, and Nalpamara Soap. In this article, we will explore why the 5-in-1 Soap Combo is considered the best bath soap combo offer for your daily bath and body care routine, providing you with a variety of benefits and ensuring optimal care for your skin.

Oushadha Soap – Gentle Cleansing and Hygiene

Oushadha Soap in this soap combo is a gentle yet effective soap that cleanses your skin without stripping away its natural moisture. It is formulated with traditional herbal ingredients known for their antibacterial and antifungal properties, helping to keep your skin clean and protected. Regular use of Oushadha Soap helps maintain optimal hygiene, leaving your skin fresh, healthy, and free from infections.

Raktha Chandan Soap – Cooling and Soothing

Raktha Chandan Soap is enriched with the goodness of red sandalwood, which has cooling and soothing properties. This natural soap helps calm irritated skin, reduce inflammation, and provide relief from itching or redness. Its natural ingredients promote balanced and healthy skin, making it an excellent choice for daily bath and body care.

Sandal Soap – Nourishment and Radiance

Sandal Soap is crafted with pure sandalwood extract, known for its nourishing and skin-brightening properties. This soap deeply moisturizes and revitalizes your skin, leaving it soft, supple, and radiant. It helps combat dryness and restores your skin’s natural glow, making it a perfect addition to your daily bath and body care routine.

Turmeric Soap – Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory

Turmeric Soap in this soap combo  harnesses the power of turmeric, a potent natural ingredient with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This herbal soap rejuvenates and purifies your skin, leaving it clear, smooth, and blemish-free. It effectively cleanses while providing essential nourishment and protection to your skin, making it an ideal choice for daily use.

Nalpamara Soap – Rejuvenation and Balance

Nalpamara Soap is a unique addition to the 5-in-1 Soap Combo, featuring a blend of four herbal ingredients: ficus tree bark, Indian sarsaparilla, cluster fig, and sacred fig. This soap promotes skin rejuvenation, helps maintain the skin’s natural pH balance, and imparts a healthy glow. It effectively cleanses, removing impurities and excess oil while preserving the skin’s moisture.

The Dhathri 5-in-1 bath Soap Combo Offer provides you with a comprehensive selection of soaps to meet your daily bath and body care needs. With Oushadha Soap, Raktha Chandan Soap, Sandal Soap, Turmeric Soap, and Nalpamara Soap, you can enjoy gentle cleansing, soothing properties, nourishment, radiance, and rejuvenation—all in one package. These soaps in soap combo offer are crafted with natural ingredients known for their beneficial properties, ensuring that your skin receives the best care. Add this 5-in-1 Soap Combo to your daily bath and body care routine and experience the benefits of healthy, nourished, and radiant skin.