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Dhathri Murivenna

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Murivenna Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic oil known for its exceptional healing properties. This oil is formulated with potent herbs like aloe Vera, Moringa, Betel leaves, Karanja, Onions and other natural ingredients, specifically curated to address joint pain, sprains, wounds, and fractures. It helps reduce inflammation, accelerate the healing process, and relieve discomfort. Ideal for both acute injuries and chronic pain, this joint pain oil is your go-to solution for natural and effective pain management.

Reduce pains & inflammation | Beneficial for dislocation, sprains & muscle cramps

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Dhathri Murivenna is a traditional Ayurvedic pain relief oil, made through the Ayurvedic process of Taila Kalpana. Passed down through generations, this time-honored remedy is an emergency first-aid kit due to its outstanding healing properties. 

Dhathri Murivenna is highly effective for arthritis, sprains, dislocations, injuries, and muscle cramps. It provides relief and accelerates healing for various musculoskeletal issues, making it the perfect solution for arthritis discomfort, acute sprain or dislocation pain, and muscle cramps. Crafted with a perfect blend of soothing herbs like Aloe Vera, Moringa, Betel leaves, Karanja, Onions and other natural ingredients in a nourishing coconut oil base, this ayurvedic oil for knee pain enhances the healing and repair processes in fractures and joint ailments.

Known for its excellent wound healing capacity, Dhathri Murivenna aids in the rapid recovery of cuts, bruises, and minor injuries, ensuring efficient and effective healing. Regular application of this oil for muscle pain helps manage general joint pains, providing comfort and enhancing mobility. Particularly useful for conditions aggravated by Vata dosha, this Ayurvedic oil offers relief and promotes overall well-being.

Whether applied to a wound, or bruise or to reduce painful bedsores, it leaves behind a soothing, pleasant sensation that eases pain associated with superficial skin damage. Additionally, it can be used to treat minor cuts, abrasions, and muscle strains, making it an essential part of your healthcare regimen.

Add the natural healing power of Dhathri Murivenna into your daily routine and experience the best benefits of this ancient Ayurvedic remedy better than natural painkillers. Whether it’s for emergency first aid or routine care, Dhathri Murivenna is the ultimate solution for nurturing and healing your body naturally.

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  • Beneficial for Arthritis, Dislocation, Injury & Muscle cramps 
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps accelerate wound healing
  • Eases pains and sprains
  • Beneficial in cuts, wounds and bruises


  • Ungin tholi,Ungin ela
  • Vettila
  • Kattarvazha
  • Chuvannulli
  • Muringa
  • Tartaval
  • Murikkila
  • Sathavari
  • Velichenna


As directed by the physician


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