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Hair Care is complete only when you start with hair oiling, followed by using hair shampoos and later a conditioner to complete the process. A good conditioner helps to detangle frizz and makes hair strands smooth and shiny. Hair conditioners are made with ingredients that penetrate deep into hair shafts and restore hydration. Often conditioners restore the lost texture that is washed away with shampoo. They protect the hair cuticles and add a shining texture to your hair. Conditioners also prevent breakage of hair.

From a set of hair care regimens, a Hair conditioner comes as a second step to hair wash. While cleansers are the primary to clean off excess oil or dirt or impurities from the hair, conditioners complete this regimen by giving hair a shine and glossy outlook after wash. This is perhaps the factor that keeps hair smooth for days long. Even though there are natural cleansers or shampoos, there is an air of fear around conditioners fearing that they may damage hair if it’s used on the scalp. Hence, today with a thought on switching to herbal products, there have been numerous searches for herbal formulas that replace normal conditioners. The conditioners with chemical ingredients provide shine but add damage to hair strands. As user needs are evolving, more demands are now seen specifically for curly hair Conditioners safe on the scalp, conditioners for dry hair etc. 

There are different types of conditioners including, Deep conditioners, leave-in conditioners, Dry conditioners and Cleansing conditioners.

Deep conditioners as named, deeply condition your hair strands and is generally used to treat harsh hair like chemically treated ones or repair coloured or damaged hair.

Leave-in conditioners can be left unwashed to give their maximum benefits. They form a protective layer around hair strands while maintaining a smooth texture. Dhathri Dheedhi conditioner is herbal and natural and can be used as a leave-in conditioner. It is made from Aloe vera, Coconut Oil, Licorice, Almond oil, Amla, Reetha, Tulsi and Brahmi, making it a herbal formula to thoroughly nourish hair strands and make them soft and smooth. These ingredients make sure that hair is not damaged even if you leave it on your hair after hair wash. Dry conditioners are aerosols that can be used without wetting your hair.

Dhathri’s Dheedhi Herbal conditioner is safe on the scalp and can be used as a Leave-in Conditioner. Our herbal hair conditioner removes frizziness from hair and strengthens hair roots. It is also enriched with Coconut milk and the Goodness of Vitamin E to enhance hair lustre. It is completely free from SLS and Petrochemicals. Explore the goodness of natural ingredients in Dhathri Dheedhi Herbal Hair Conditioner and treat your hair to its long term benefits!