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    Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil

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    Anti-Dandruff Oil

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    Hair Care Herbal Oil

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    Neelibhringadi Keram

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    Daily Hair Oil


Hair oils are an important hair grooming essential to keep hair nourished and healthy. They are the most basic and go-to product among other hair grooming products. Today with the number of hair oils available it is hard to find a good herbal oil that is best suited to promote the healthy growth of hair. Ayurvedic oils are the best when it comes to hair oils, due to their long term benefits that offer thorough healing and nourishment, without causing damage. As per Ayurvedic principles, hair oils are essential to boost the strength, shine and smooth texture to your hair. A thorough Hair oiling and massaging session ensure that the goodness of oil seeps in and nourishes the hair strands, keeping them smooth and shiny, free from frizziness and damage.

Some of the hair-related concerns that hair oils need to address today include intense hair fall, damage repair, healthy growth,dandruff-free scalp and freedom from itchiness. With the rising number of searches for hair growth oils, there is an added emphasis to produce hair oils that are natural and herbal, suitable for different hair types. Natural ingredients like Amla, Bringaraj, hibiscus, aloe vera are some of the major natural ingredients that people look for in hair care oils. Along with this, with the number of chemical treatments done on hair, several people are now looking for oils that help to regain the lost shine and health. These chemical treatments and styling products not only strip hair of the natural oiliness but also leave damages including hair thinning, split-ends and frizziness. 

Dhathri offers a range of hair oils including ones for intense hair fall, dandruff and daily use oil that can be used before after wash. Sourcing ingredients that are processed from natural ayurvedic processes, these oils ensures that your hair gets the needed care, nourishment and healing for the specific hair concern you are facing. These hair oils have a multitude of natural ingredients including coconut oil, Aloe vera, Brahmi, Musk root, Licorice, Amla, Indigo, Hibiscus, Lemon and various other beneficial herbs, leaves and ingredients.  

Hairfall control oils by Dhathri include hair Care Plus Herbal Oil made from 21 restorative herbs and clinically proven to reduce hair fall within 21 days of usage. In addition to this, try our Hair Care Herbal oil for hair fall that is prepared from 15 restorative herbs to prevent hair fall nourish hair follicles to promote healthy growth. 

Anti Dandruff oil by Dhathri is prepared from a special process to reduce dandruff and prevent its recurrence. This oil restores the moisture content on the scalp and keeps the scalp free from itching. We also have Daily use oil which is non-sticky and suitable for daily use. This oil is best suited to moisturize hair strands and keep them manageable and soft. Hair oils are the first and foremost step towards healthy hair. A good hair massage followed by a shampoo wash cleanses your hair and keeps the scalp clean and neat. Try our hair oils for growth, Hair oils for dandruff free scalp, hair oils that keep hair soft on a daily basis and experience Ayurvedic nurture that promotes the goodness of natural ingredients for healthy shining hair.