The Benefits of Onion Juice for HairCategoriesHaircare

The Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair

Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle patterns, unhealthy food habits and hair woes are an increasing concern day by day. Traditional remedies take a longer time to bring out the benefits and this has limited our use of traditional means to combat issues related to hair. Amongst hundreds of traditional herbs and ingredients, Onions have been used for ages to treat hair woes and bring natural nourishment.

Unknown Benefits of Dheedhi Daily Herbal ShampooCategoriesHaircare

Unknown Benefits of Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo

Dheedhi daily herbal shampoo is a natural and herbal formulation of several natural ingredients that nourish your hair locks and makes them smooth and shiny. An ideal solution to treat your hair and promote natural hair growth. It nourishes hair follicles to grow naturally. It’s a mild herbal formula that can be used to wash hair daily. It is free from Paraben, sulphates and Petrochemicals. 

Best Shampoo for Hair that can be Used Daily to Nourish HairCategoriesHaircare

Best Shampoo for Hair that can be Used Daily to Nourish Hair

Years before the introduction of grooming products, ancient people depended on nature and natural resources for beauty and hygiene. With advancement and introduction of modern technologies and ways of living this shifted towards artificial products building importance on beauty and personal care. With western influence, we have now based ourselves on millions of products under the beauty, personal care or grooming segment to enhance health, beauty and overall wellness. However the use of chemical products caused further harm and gave its own consequences. This raised a concern, following which a shift towards natural products were seen. We have now adopted natural and organic products to treat our personal care concerns. 

Importance of hygiene in our daily lifeCategoriesHealth

Importance of Hygiene in Our Daily Life

Hygiene forms a crucial part of health today. With added importance on keeping oneself immune, healthy, safe and free from diseases, hygiene has also formed an unavoidable part of a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps the importance of hygiene has surged during the past few years due to pandemic situations that forced us to start hygiene practices, to keep us safe and germ-free.  With this in mind, multiple campaigns have been conducted to reinforce the ideal in our minds. 

must have skin care combos that are free from harmful ingredientsCategoriesSkin care

Must have Skincare Combos that are Free From Harmful Ingredients

Good skin care allows one to keep skin in a healthy condition. Prepping your skin with the right set of products ensures that skin stays healthy, in the longer run. Skin care routine ranges from face washes to makeup products, skin creams, toners, serums etc. Skin care industry is a vast field with hundreds of products. Amongst the categories, there are chemical-free products, vegan products, cruelty-free products, ayurvedic products, herbal products and so on. However, there are a few products that every skin requires, to keep it supple, moisturized and healthy. 

7 Home remedies for pimplesCategoriesSkin care

7 Home Remedies for Pimples

Pimples are common for most of us. Studies say acne or pimples occurs to 85% of us during any phase of our life. Conventional methods of treating acne including products with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide may bring results, but it may not work on every skin type and may cause undesirable effects like dryness, redness or irritation. Ayurvedic products with natural ingredients can be the ideal solution to treat issues like acne and pimples. Most of us want the best possible natural means to treat pimples and related irritations, rashes, dark spots, blemishes etc. 

Top 3 natural face washes suitable for every skin typesCategoriesSkin care

Top 3 Natural Face Washes suitable for every skin type

We live in a scenario where there is an urge to flaunt natural skin with flaws. There is a shift from flaunting skin in filters to filter-free skin that is healthy and natural. This has also impacted the buying patterns of skincare products. From highly chemical products that promised white glowing skin or flawless skin and face, today we want natural skin care products, which are natural or organic. Amongst Skincare products for women, Face washes have gained quite a position to be the basic and initial step towards a facial care regimen. 

9 benefits of aloe vera for skin and hairCategoriesSkin care

9 Benefits of Aloe Vera for Skin & Hair

Aloe vera is a rich source of vitamins and essential nutrients that make it an unavoidable part of beauty & Personal Care products. It has been a major part of hair care and skin care. Today Ayurvedic beauty care has taken Aloe Vera as its major component in beauty essential products, making it one of the major components of Ayurvedic hair products and Ayurvedic Skin care Products. Ayurvedic Products that have aloe vera like hair growth Oils, Hair Cleansers and Hair Shampoos are the major demand of the Ayurvedic industry today. Read on To find out more on the major benefits of Aloe vera for skin and hair below.

why do people buy beauty products onlineCategoriesLifestyle

Why do people buy beauty products online?

A few years back online shopping was known to very few, however over the past couple of years, or probably the last decade saw a tremendous increase in the number of people who buy products online. Today from groceries to cosmetics, everything we need for daily life is bought online.  This is because of a variety of reasons including the availability of stock which may vary in a physical store. Convenience also matters. Amidst a busy schedule, people find it extremely useful to buy their necessities from online stores. Read on to find out why there is a growing trend towards buying beauty& cosmetic products online than buying them from a physical store. 

How to choose the best body wash for all seasonsCategoriesBath and Body

How to choose the best body wash for all seasons

A good body care routine helps to make your skin stay in a good condition. Along with proper hair care and skin care regimen, good body care is a necessity to stay young and wrinkle-free. Washing your body with a range of body cleansers makes your skin supple and soft which otherwise would be rough and dry. Body care is also the foremost part of hygiene and it defines how much care you give to your hygiene practices. But the kind of body care products that suit your skin may vary from the kind of body care products used by others. It’s essential to identify the skin type that you have and accordingly choose the ideal set of body care products for your body care regimen. Along with the knowledge of what is ideal for your skin, it is also essential to know the basic difference between shower gel and body wash. Shower gels are thicker formulas whereas body washes have a liquid texture and feel more moisturizing.  Ever since the relevance of natural products gained importance, Ayurvedic products have been in demand. Ayurvedic body washes are more popular among ayurvedic body care products. Multiple online ayurvedic stores are now selling ayurvedic soaps and body washes that do not strip the natural moisture from skin but maintain a supple finish after every bath.