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  • dheedhi daily herbal shampoo


    Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo

    Reduces Dandruff | Restores shine & strength of hair

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  • dhathri chemparathi thaali


    Chemparathi Thaali

    Makes hair soft & smooth | Cleanses scalp & hair

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  • Dheedhi Anti Hairfall Herbal Shampoo

    Reduces hair fall | Moisturizes hair

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  • Dheedhi Anti-Dandruff Herbal Shampoo

    Controls dandruff & Cleanses scalp | Reduces scalp itching

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  • Dheedhi Volume & Thickness Herbal Shampoo

    Increases hair volume & thickness | Nourishes scalp & hair

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  • Dheedhi Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo

    Repairs & Nourishes damaged hair| Makes hair stronger & smoother

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  • Dheedhi Lime Shampoo – 250ml

    Controls dandruff & itching | Reduces scalp infections

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Best Natural & Ayurvedic Hair Cleanser for Hair Growth

Ayurveda has a great impact on developing natural hair cleansers that promote hair growth. Natural ingredients such as Hibiscus, Amla, Shikakai, and Aloe vera are known for their cleansing properties, and earlier people used to apply them to their hair as hair cleansers. Hair cleansers from Dhathri are the best Ayurvedic hair care products for the daily nourishment of hair.

Benefits of Natural Hair Cleansers 

Organic hair cleanser have more benefits than normal hair cleansers as they are made of herbal ingredients. Natural hair cleansers are always good for the natural nourishment of the hair and is keeps the scalp clean without any infection. Our Chemparathi Thaali is also safe on kids’ hair.

Our Best Natural Hair Cleansers

Dhathri has formulated a natural scalp cleanser with hibiscus, that offers a complete cleansing effect to the hair. Our Chemparathi Thaali is also safe on kids’ hair. Are you looking for a natural traditional hair cleanser that is still available online? Then Dhathri has the right choice for you.

Chemparathi Thaali

Dhathri Chemparathi Thaali is a gentle cleanser for the scalp and hair and its regular use of it makes the hair soft and smooth. It is suitable for all hair types and is free from mineral oil and other petrochemicals.

How to Use Herbal Hair Cleansers?

Take an adequate amount of cleanser and apply it to wet hair and gently massage in a circular motion. Wait for 1-2 minutes and wash it off after some time. It thus helps to retain the natural moisture on your scalp and makes your hair soft and smooth.