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    Hair Protector


Hair cream or hair protectors are styling products that add a subtle, natural shine and smoothness to hair. Be it any hair type, Hair protectors tame hair to keep it frizz-free. Hair creams do not just hold hair strands firmly but give it a tamed texture without restricting movement. It helps to style your hair it based on your preferences. People confuse hair cream as a product only for frizzy and curly hair.  however, if the hair protectors are made from natural and Ayurvedic sources, they can be used on any hair type to style and keep it tidy.

Hair creams are also used to add volume and texture to thin hair. Most people find it difficult to handle hair creams that are greasy in nature. Some others face issues product buildup on hair. With the demand for natural products, online queries are also rising for hair cream for women, hair cream for men etc. Hair creams with natural formulas are gaining popularity these days with added stress on chemical-free ingredients. Nourishing hair creams with natural ingredients are safe on hair and does not cause hair fall. 

Today, most hair creams are made of chemical ingredients that make hair greasy. There is an increased demand online for hair creams that are made with natural or Ayurvedic ingredients that do not harm hair strands or hair follicles but keep hair tamed and neat. This is an interesting concern by those who search for ways to keep hair tidy with organic and natural means. Ayurvedic ingredients ensure that every single ingredient included does the job of thorough healing and nourishment, and gives long term benefits without destroying hair. 

Dhathri’s Hair protector cream is a natural solution to style your hair with nourishment. A natural hair protector with no side effects. It’s a must-have for travel and can be used to style hair without worrying about damage and stickiness. Our Hair cream is concentrated hair oil made from 15 natural ingredients that nourish hair and promotes hair growth. Natural ingredients in our hair protector cream ensure that your hair is free from dandruff and itchiness related. it is free from mineral oil and petrochemicals.

Amongst natural ingredients, Neem Oil helps to reduce balding and thinning, Almond Oil helps to smoothen hair strands and strengthens hair follicles. Trailing Eclipta or Bringraj is a known Herb that promotes hair growth. Explore the goodness of ingredients like Neem oil, Almond Oil, Indian Aloe and 12 other natural ingredients in our Hair Protector Cream that helps to reduce dandruff, promotes hair growth and nourish hair with style