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Chemparathi Thaali

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Chemparathi Thaali is made from pure extracts of Hibiscus, a known traditional hair therapy for adding shine and texture. It helps in nourishing hair, preventing hair dryness by retaining the moisture & natural oiliness in hair and scalp. Traditional hibiscus shampoo is one of the best unavoidable hair cleansers for hair care on any hair type.


  • Herbal hair wash that leaves hair soft & smooth
  • A gentle herbal cleanser for hair and scalp
  • Safe for use on kid’s hair
  • Treats scalp infections and keeps the scalp clean
  • Retains the natural oiliness of the scalp
  • Suitable for all hair types
  • Free from mineral oil and petrochemicals


  • Hibiscus
  • Indian Aloe
  • Purple Heart Glory
  • Febrifuge Plant
  • Indian Gooseberry
  • Brahmi

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650 ml, 100ml, 200ml, 400ml


Chemparathi Thaali is an age-old Ayurvedic remedy prepared from Ayurvedic process- Kashayapakavidhi, for making hair soft and smooth with the real essence of hibiscus or chemparathi.  Being a herbal formulation of hibiscus, brahmi, purple heart glory and amla, it removes dullness from hair & removes dandruff. It has also been used as a traditional home remedy that makes hair soft & shiny with its nourishing properties. Hibiscus is rich in flavonoids and amino acids that promote blood circulation to the scalp. Aloe vera adds moisture needed for hair and scalp. The nourishing properties of this hibiscus shampoo are a natural treat to your hair and add lustre with their natural goodness. Have a herbal rejuvenating hair wash with this natural cleanser that is safe on kids’ hair as well. It is also free from harmful chemicals and is suitable for all hair types.

58 reviews for Chemparathi Thaali

Kinjal Lakhani

    I liked the product, it actually does it’s job !! Have been looking for a good herbal shampoo which can actually produce foam & cleanse my hair thoroughly!! Yeah a good product!!

Dinu V

    I am very much familiar with this product being a Malayali. My mom loves it and she insisted me to buy this shampoo. Dhathri thaali is your daily use shampoo for those who rinse their hair regularly, without getting exposed to chemical laden shampoos.

  3. Ali Khazmi

    Reduces hair fall and dandruff. Works well. After using it for some time I have experienced less hair fall and less dandruff.

  4. Megha Rao

    This is not a shampoo. This does not contain any of the chemicals that is present in shampoos, this is a herbal cleanser that contains hibiscus, aloe vera and other herbal extracts to give your hair a good cleanse but still restores the moisture and natural oiliness. I love using this everyday.

  5. Tanveer Shah

    My whole family uses this cleanser. This is the right nutrition for your hair. Made with hibiscus, aloe vera and amla – this combination is a win win for your hair’s nutrition. All the good things your hair needs and deserves is in this wash. I use this wash after i oil my hair. It is perfect.

  6. Swathi Thomas

    This is a wonderful and natural hair wash. I recommend everyone to stop using shampoo with unnecessary sulphates and chemicals that will dry out the hair and lead to dryness and scalp infections. I have been using this wash for a while now and it’s really good.

  7. Vaidehi

    This is the best natural shampoo.
    It cleanses, nourishes, and enhances my hair.
    I found it better when used diluted.

  8. Kinjal Lakhani

    I liked the product actually does it’s job !! Have been looking for a good herbal shampoo which can actually produce d foaming & cleanse my hair thoroughly!! I won’t say nothing abt hairball…will review it later !!
    But yeah a good product!!

    Original price : 135 Rs. 200ml bottle

  9. Dinu V

    I am much familiar with this product being a Malayali. My mom loves it she insists me to buy this shampoo over and over. Dhatri thaali is a daily use shampoo for those who rinse their hair regulary, and also want to leave their hair less exposed to chemicals.

  10. Aneel Madhavan Nair

    Pure and cleans appropriately.
    I use seasalt alongside once in a week for deep cleansing. This alone does the daily cleaning job fantastically well.
    Highly recommended

  11. shruti

    Until last year the shampoo used to be thick and viscous. Now it is hugely watery and the scent is pungently strong.

  12. Aswathi.P.R

    The best natural shampoo. It’s smells also really good. Doesn’t cause any hairfall and suitable to use in hardwater also

  13. sharadha

    Best thing ever. Very mild on the hair. No harmful chemical. Less hair fall and smooth hair after wash.

  14. Jijit Mohanan

    I am using this product for over a year .. it controls my dandruff for 2 weeks ..i using twice a month ..

  15. ramshankar

    Its a beast in thaali’s…
    I have never seen this kinda natural shampoo…
    In 1st attempt it didn’t produced much foam and in 2nd HOLA it cleanses your hair thoroughly…
    If they cut the cost it will be my permanent solution for my hair…
    Mild in scent but scent is only coming from natural ingredients only…
    No preservatives no parabens no artificial colours, chemicals n perfumes…
    That’s why its way better than any other product in market…
    Now am wanting to use Dhathri hair oil too…
    Keep growing keep rocking Dhathri…
    But never ever fall into markets strategy and don’t dilute the quality please.

  16. Jen

    The shampoo is good. A little watery in texture.

  17. Anup S

    very good product

  18. Vinayakaganesha

    This is Ayurveda good for my daughter

  19. Neeraj

    Go for some me age shampoo

  20. Suresh

    V gentle…gud fr daily use n kids

  21. rajivgandhi

    Gentle and herbal cleanser with sweet smell


    Good One

  23. Gayathri

    A friend of mine from Kerala recommended me to use this Thaali by Dhathri and to my surprise, it’s really good! It has a hibiscus scent as it has shoeflower extracts and that’s stated in the bottle. It had an impact when I used it.. My hair was shiny and perfectly fluffy after an oil bath. It can be used for anti-dandruff and hair fall treatment. I particularly was inclined to try it out as it is herbal and shoeflower cools your body a lot and removes excess heat from your body. So this shampoo was just what I wanted for everyday use. I highly recommend people to use it especially if they are spending long hours at the swimming pool, jacuzzi or steam baths.. this shampoo can be used daily to remove the chlorine precipitates and keep the hair undamaged.

  24. Prajitha

    It is much like a normal shampoo..unlike mentioned on the product it does not keep the oil on the becomes very silky and oil got removed completely..original hibiscus thali will be much more good on hair

  25. Jayalakshmi R

    I use 3 times a week to wash my hair. Natural hairwash. Feels like chemparathi thaali.

  26. srirama

    People should seriously start buying this shampoo instead of the normal chemical filled branded ones. Once you start, you won’t stop, trust me.

  27. Priya Dhivakaran

    Good natural hair product.

  28. Sue’s

    Can’t match with the real thali but yep a close contender.

  29. Prithi

    Not that great but ok

  30. Deepthi

    Nice herbal shampoo ,using it for 5 yr old son too

  31. Sandeep K.

    I bought the Dhathri Chemparathi Thaali as a hairfall solution but i was impressed to find out that it even repairs by colour treated, frizzy hair. With regular use i have retrieved the sheen of my hair. I would definitely recommend it to all my friends.

  32. Thasleem v muhammed

    There are so many Hair care products in the market promising to be Ayurvedic and having medicinal properties but composing of chemical elements causing harm to hair. Dhathri Plus is a authentic product among the rest. A Hair Doctor for sure

  33. Suja

    As we are up, the practice stopped. when using Dhathri product, the smell reminded me of my childhood days. the exact home made smell. I am confident that the product is genuinely Ayurvedic and can be trusted.

  34. sHubhAm bIrthAre

    It’s not written anywhere but I think this shampoo is free from sls and paraben and its natural used it and I liked it

  35. Remya

    good product from dhathri

  36. jithinrajcc

    Good product. Speedy delivery.

  37. SuRiya

    Nice product. Giving a smooth texture to hair. Contains the homemade thaali smell.

  38. sujeeshdas

    Dhahtri Chemparathi Thaali is really good and I would definitely recommend it to be purchased by everyone. Worth the money!

  39. Neela

    It’s give shiny and moisture to hair

  40. Thamizh Selvan

    Good one.

  41. Venkatesh


  42. george

    It’s natural and worth a buy

  43. aakanksha maravi

    I like this shampoo because its very mild. You dont have to worry about chemicals going to your scalp. So I am satisfied.

  44. SELINA JX.

    I loved it, but then the oil is still there, would like another version of hibiscus shampoo with other ingredients.

  45. Sajana

    I was browsing through Amazon for cosmetic products when the Thaali caught my attention as it was displayed as a suggestion. Though was a little skeptical of purchasing it initially, it’s turned out to be a good buy!

    Would recommend this to anyone looking for a complete haircare solution since it’s made naturally from Hibiscus (Found this after researching about it).

  46. Paimala

    Very good Shampoo, I am using this for past 7 years after trying so many shampoos, does not make umyour hair dry. All goodness of nature ..Gently cleanses your hair and scalp.

  47. Anjana

    I’ve been using Dhathri products for over 6 months now. They deliver what’s promised and the product is worth trying. I’ve seen a considerable difference in the health and shine of my hair and a reduction in hair fall. I highly recommend using it.

  48. nirmala aravinth

    Best shampoo after oiling hair. removes oil in two washes. zero hair fall. not for dry frizzy non oiled hair

  49. Aditya

    Good and mild for daily use

  50. Praveen

    Good one

  51. Saurabh Soni

    Good product, u can try once.

  52. Prasad

    This Dhatri product is the best hairwash that suits any type of hair, arrests hairfall and does not require a conditioner after wash . My family members and I have been using it regularly for more than 8 years and have recommended to many of my friends as well, who have vouched for the results that are far exceeding any other that they have been using. Hence I have double confidence in writing this review.

  53. Nikhil

    Firstly it got a good offer, ₹180 for 3.
    Washed my hair with it, my hair and scalp is happy !
    It’s more like a mild shampoo which you can keep on the head for sometime while in shower without the worry of harmful chemicals.
    I’ll re-edit this review if I find anything not right with it, till then it’s a rocking 5

  54. Nagesh Kumari

    This shampoo is just wonderful, it stopped my hair fall with just 3 to 4 uses,not very expensive, I must say you should go for it without a doubt

  55. Swamy

    I use it regularly. No complaints

  56. Bhagya

    Mild, can be used daily, lovely fragrance

  57. Vaishnavi Madhav

    Great product. Will surely recommend to my friends.

  58. Gowsika (verified owner)

    shampoo is so good using it regularly but this time i except the pump bottle as in picture but same old bottle has came

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  • Apply to wet hair and scalp, gently massage in a circular motion
  • Leave it on hair for 1-2 minutes 
  • Wash it off off with water or as directed by a physician

Ideal to apply it after a warm oil massage on the scalp with Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil. Flaunt smooth & shiny hair, free from dirt and impurities.

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