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  • Dhathri Murivenna


    Dhathri Murivenna

    Reduce pains & inflammation | Beneficial for dislocation, sprains & muscle cramps

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  • Myactin ortho roll on best backpain reliever


    Myactin Ortho Roll On

    Relieves pain | Reduces inflammation


Our Ayurvedic Pain Relievers for Effective and Instant Pain Relief

Choose the Best Pain Relievers from the House of DHATHRI

Painkiller medicines are mainly used by people for instant pain relief. Pain relievers are available in the form of tablets, tablets, sprays, and roll-ons. Dhathri has Dhathri Myactin Ortho Roll On and Dhathri Myactin AYUSH-SG tablets in its pain reliever category. Both these Ayurvedic formulations made of herbal ingredients are more effective and do not have any side effects. For a holistic approach to pain relief and overall well-being, you can explore Dhathri’s range of health and wellness products. 

Dhathri Myactin Ortho Roll-On 

Dhathri Myactin Ortho Roll-On is an Ayurvedic formulation made using the rich ingredients of Mahanaryana Thailam. This Ortho Roll-on is the best muscle pain reliever that gives instant results for your pain, after applying it to the pain-affected area. As a back pain reliever, it helps in reducing pain, swelling, and inflammation in your pain-affected body areas and can be applied easily to your affected body areas. This joint pain relief ortho roll-on also helps in improving your muscle strength and nerve health by increasing muscle flexibility. 

Dhathri Myactin Ayush SG Tablets

Dhathri Myactin AYUSH-SG Tablet is a pain relief tablet made with the Ayurvedic formulation developed by CCRAS, the apex body for research under the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India. This pain reliever is effective for swelling, joint pain, and muscle pain. It also improves joint mobility and reduces muscle weakness more effectively. 

Benefits of Ayurvedic Pain  Killer Medicines

Ayurvedic pain relievers are gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional over-the-counter and prescription medications. These are made with natural ingredients and are said to be more effective and safer than conventional drugs. There are many benefits of using Ayurvedic pain relievers. They are said to be more effective at treating pain than conventional drugs. They are also said to be safer because they are made with natural ingredients. Ayurvedic pain relievers can be found in many forms, including tablets, capsules, ointments, and oils. If you are looking out for pain relieving tablets without side effects, then Dhathri is the right choice for you.

Reason to Choose our Pain Relievers

Opting for Ayurvedic pain relievers from an authentic brand like Dhathri is always the right choice. We curate Ayurvedic products that are effective and natural & that have no side effects. Let us look at a few reasons why you should choose Ayurvedic pain relievers over normal ones.

  • Ayurveda is an ancient and holistic system of medicine that has been practiced in India for thousands of years. It is based on the principle of balance and harmony in the body, mind, and spirit.
  • Ayurvedic pain relievers are made from natural ingredients, such as herbs and spices, which are known to treat various ailments.
  • Ayurveda emphasizes the prevention of diseases, rather than just treating the symptoms. Therefore, these pain relievers not only provide relief from pain but also help in preventing further diseases.
  • Ayurvedic pain relievers are safe to use as they don’t have any side effects like conventional painkillers.
  • They are also quite affordable as compared to the other Pain medications available on the market.

Choose the right pain reliever for your pain and get instant relief from your pains without any side effects. In addition, our Dhathri Myactin Ortho Roll-On is easy to use and can be used for bone and joint pains.