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Ultimate Best Seller Combo

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Ultimate Best Seller Combo is a complete hair nourishment kit with Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil to treat intense hair fall, Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo for daily shampooing and Dheedhi Herbal Conditioner to smoothen your frizzy hair




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Volume: 650 ml


Dhathri Best Seller Combo is the best pick of our customers with all the hair nourishing essentials, Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil, Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo and Dheedhi Conditioner to give you healthy hair free from damage, and fall.

Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil (200ml) is an Ayush Premium Certified hair fall control oil that treats intense hair fall problems. With the combined goodness of 21 carefully curated herbs, this herbal formula nourishes and strengthens hair, promoting the healthy growth of hair. It is also an effective remedy to control dandruff.

Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo (250ml) is a daily use shampoo from the house of Dhathri with a natural conditioning formula to moisturize and nourish your hair locks. It is clinically proven as mild for daily use.

Dheedhi conditioner (200ml) is a herbal conditioner which is safe for use on the scalp as it is enriched with coconut milk and vitamin E, which nourishes your locks and keeps your hair frizz-free.

Controls intense hair fall problem
Helps to get relief from dandruff
Helps to strengthen hair & improve hair growth
Repairs frizz and keeps hair smooth and soft
Aloe vera
Coconut oil
Almond Oil

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650 ml


Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil:
  • Take 5-7 ml of Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil, in a bowl, Apply this to your scalp and gently massage it from root to tip.
  • Leave the oil on your hair for about  15-30 minutes and wash your hair
Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo
  • Take a small quantity of Dheedhi Shampoo to your wet hair.
  • Apply dheedhi shampoo to your hair and to the scalp.
  • Leave it on your hair for about 1-2 minutes
  • Wash off the shampoo with water
Dheedhi Conditioner
  • Take a sufficient amount of herbal conditioner and apply it to your damp hair after shampooing. 
  • Wash off the conditioner after 2-3 minutes.

5 reviews for Ultimate Best Seller Combo

  1. Rubeena Mailik

    A much needed combo and finally its here. thankyou. i can now directly buy my favourites as a combo.

  2. Abhshikta Manoj

    Nice combo. I am using this for my daily hair routine. great for hair nourishment

  3. Araadhya Loyd

    i love how dhathri has maintained its quality and product range for years. i only trust dhatgri for my hair concerns as its purely herbal

  4. Bristy

    Thank you dhathri for this combo, been waiting for this.

  5. Khadeeja

    Its AMAZING. great combo for hair growth. shampoo and conditioner is daily use and great herbal ones.

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Why Dhathri Ultimate Seller Combo is the best for daily hair care?


When it comes to hair care, finding the perfect combination of products can be a daunting task. However, with the Dhathri Ultimate Seller Combo, achieving luscious, healthy locks becomes effortless. This ultimate best-seller combo, consisting of the Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil, Dhathri Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo, and Dhathri Conditioner, offers a comprehensive hair care regimen that caters to all your needs. Let’s look into why this Dhathri best seller combo is widely regarded as the best choice for hair care, providing unrivaled results and the ultimate luxurious experience.

Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil: Nourish and Strengthen Hair

The Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil is a standout component of the Ultimate Seller Combo. Formulated with a unique blend of herbs and essential oils, this oil nourishes the hair follicles, promotes hair growth, and strengthens the hair from root to tip. Its deep conditioning properties restore vitality, combat hair fall, and reduce scalp-related issues. The Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil, an essential part of the Dhathri best-seller combo, ensures your hair receives the optimal care it deserves.

Dhathri Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo: Cleanse and Revitalize 

The Dhathri Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo is a game-changer in your hair care routine. This gentle yet effective shampoo is enriched with herbal extracts that cleanse the scalp, remove impurities, and restore the natural balance of your hair. Its nourishing formula revitalizes the hair, leaving it soft, shiny, and manageable. Regular use of the this ayurvedic shampoo as part of the Dhathri Ultimate Seller Combo guarantees a luxurious and satisfying hair-washing experience.

Dhathri Conditioner: Hydrate and Restore 

Complete your hair care routine with the Dhathri Conditioner, the final touch of perfection in the Dhathri best-seller combo. This best hair conditioner is specifically designed to provide deep hydration and repair damaged hair. Infused with natural ingredients, it smoothens hair cuticles, reduces frizz, and improves overall hair texture. The Dhathri Conditioner seals in moisture, leaving your hair silky, manageable, and full of life. Utilize the transformative effects of this conditioner as part of the Dhathri Ultimate Seller Combo, and welcome nourished hair.

When it comes to hair care, this Dhathri best Seller Combo stands head and shoulders above the rest. Its combination of the Dhathri Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil, Dhathri Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo, and Dhathri Conditioner creates a comprehensive regimen that addresses all your hair care needs. With these powerhouse products, you can effortlessly unlock the secret to luxurious hair. Use the ultimate best-seller combo from Dhathri, and experience the joy of healthy, vibrant, and beautiful hair. Invest in the Dhathri Ultimate Seller Combo and let your hair shine like never before.