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5-in-1 Soap Combo

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Weight: 75gms each

Combo Pack of five herbal soaps including Oushadha Soap, Sandal Soap, antibacterial Turmeric Soap, Raktha Chandan Soap and Nalpamara Soap to keep skin healthy and free from allergies, blemishes and irritations. Experience a refreshing shower with each of these herbal soaps free from harmful chemicals.


  • Promotes healthy skin
  • Moisturizes skin and removes blemishes
  • Reduce skin allergies and irritations
  • Promotes fresh & natural skin tone


Oushada Soap

  • Thazhampoo
  • Red Sandalwood

Raktha Chandan Soap

  • Red Sandalwood
  • Sandalwood
  • Coconut oil

Sandal Soap

  • Sandalwood oil
  • Vetiver oil

Turmeric Soap

  • Turmeric
  • Coconut oil

Nalpamara Soap

  • Nalpamara extracts
  • Coconut oil

Additional information



Oushadha Soap (75gms) gives you healthy skin, free from allergies and infections.  It is a herbal soap prepared with natural ingredients which suit all skin types, keeping skin healthy. 

Raktha Chandan Soap (75gms) is a Grade 1 Ayurvedic soap with TFM 76% with red sandalwood extracts and sandalwood extracts to treat pimples, dark spots and blemishes. It gives you healthy skin free from pigmentation, scars and marks.

Sandal Soap (75gms) nourishes skin with rich therapeutic ingredients such as sandalwood, vetiver and coconut oil- known for skin moisturization.  Sandalwood in sandal soap nourishes the skin, leaving a warm and woody fragrance that rejuvenates and keeps you refreshed.

Turmeric soap (75gms) is a herbal soap that protects skin with its antibacterial properties, leaving skin afresh.  Enriched with curcumin in turmeric soap that promotes healthy brighter skin. Ideal for face & body.

Nalpamara Soap (75gms) is a herbal soap made from four different species of Ficus trees known for its therapeutic benefits. This Ayurvedic soap helps to protect skin from infections and allergies, giving you pigment-free skin. It is safe to use for babies. 

7 reviews for 5-in-1 Soap Combo

  1. Gousuddin

    It’s very natural

  2. Apoorva Arora

    Lovely range of soaps. loved it

  3. Aditio Sahu

    I loved this soap combo. my favourite from 5 in 1 soap combo is Sandal soap

  4. Nisha Pal

    I have been using oushadha soap for a long time now, i tried this new combo and am totaly loving this combo

  5. Ajit Sharma

    Oushadha soap and turmeric soap is the best from this.

  6. Sarika Sharma

    good combo. Tried all 5. just wow

  7. Vibha Singh

    Totally worth the price

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  • Wet body and face
  • Gently apply soap and rinse with water
  • Indulge in a nourishing shower that offers you healthy skin with therapeutic goodness

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4/377 , Kandalloor, Kayamkulam,- 690531,
Kerala, India