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Nalpamara Soap (Pack Of 5)

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Dhathri Nalpamara Soap is a herbal soap made from four different species of Ficus trees known for its therapeutic benefits. This Ayurvedic soap helps to protect skin from infections and allergies, giving you pigment-free skin. It is safe to use for babies.


  • Reduce skin allergies and irritations
  • Lightens pigmentation
  • Free from animal fats, Silicones and Mineral oil
  • Ideal for babies and kids


  • Nalpamara

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An Ayurvedic soap for revitalizing your skin. Dhathri Nalpamara Soap is a combination of four therapeutic trees which helps in protecting your skin from infections. It is the best ayurvedic soap that contains antioxidant properties which aids in reducing skin allergies and infections, giving you a revitalized skin free from pigmentation. This antibacterial soap is safe to use on your baby’s skin as it is free from harmful chemicals. Get glowing skin naturally with the traditional ayurvedic recipe, offering you a rejuvenating shower each day. Dhathri Nalpamara soap is a must-have in your body care routine, if you are in search of herbal soap that does not contain toxins.

21 reviews for Nalpamara Soap (Pack Of 5)

  1. Nikhil

    Nice and soothing. Very delicate on the body

  2. Ezhilarasi francis (verified owner)

    The best soap

  3. Kavitha Suresh

    I was looking for a good ayurvedic soap for my dry skin and I found this. The soap gently cleanses sensitive skin without causing irritation. It removes dirt from the pores and lightens pigmentation. I’m glad that I tried this soap.

  4. Preethi Gupta

    I was looking for a soap that could help with my skin allergies that were causing rashes and this soap really helped. It is based on Ayurvedic principles which are well-known for improving skin health. I found the soap to be very soothing and it helps my skin heal faster.

  5. Jeev Tom Mathew

    The Dhathri Oushadha soap helps to prevent skin infections and allergies. It lightens the skin while keeping the skin clean and moisturized.

  6. Sunny Mathew

    My body has really sensitive skin and gets rashes whenever I use a wrong product on her. After using Dhathri Nalpamara Soap, the rashes have reduced a lot and it’s safe and mild on my skin. I’m really happy with the product.

  7. Purnima Basuran

    This soap is amazing! It cleanses the skin without drying it out and has a pleasant fragrance. It is especially good for those with sensitive skin, who experience skin allergies and irritations. It also helps lighten pigmentation on the skin, making it an excellent soap for those with dark spots, birthmarks, and other skin discoloration.

  8. Balagopalan Nair

    I was so excited to try out this soap because I had heard great things about it from my friends. I have been using this soap for a month now and I can already see a change in my skin. I had a few rashes on my legs and this soap has helped to heal them. This is the best soap ever!

  9. Matilda Mariam

    A soap that can help with redness and black pigmentation of the skin? I’m definitely going to try this out. Since I’ve been using the Dhathri Oushadha Nalpamara Soap, I have seen a significant difference in the way my skin looks. It’s much smoother, my pigmentation has lightened and I don’t break out as often. It’s a perfect soap for sensitive skin.

  10. Rama Priyanka

    I have been using this soap for my baby and I have seen amazing results. My baby has fewer rashes and bumps on his skin. His skin tone is also more even. I love this soap and would recommend it to everyone.

  11. Honey Matt Johny

    We all want to have fair and healthy skin but the products available in the market today are harsh and do not give us the desired results. However, I recently started using Dhathri Nalpamara soap and I have seen a great change in my skin. My skin has become clearer and healthier, and my pigmentation has also reduced. My skin is soft and supple and I am very happy with the results.

  12. Silky Srivastava

    The best soap ever, my skin was very dry and I was suffering from a lot of allergies. I started using this soap and I’m so amazed at how soft, clear, and fresh my skin has become. My skin is now smooth and clear and I love how it makes my skin feel. I would definitely recommend this soap.

  13. Rajesh Kumar

    Good soap!

  14. Pallavi Upadhyay

    My husband used this soap and he said that it helped him with his skin rashes and allergies. He says it is the best soap he has tried. I would recommend this soap to anyone that has sensitive skin.

  15. Pallavi Singh

    The soap is very soft and mild on the skin. It is perfect for babies. The soap is not too soft. It is neither too strong nor too mild. It does not cause any rashes on the skin. It is perfect for babies.

  16. Venkana

    I have been using this soap for about 3 weeks and I am very happy with the results. My skin is not dry and flaky anymore and I can see that it is not as red as it was. I recommend this soap to people with sensitive skin.

  17. Suresh Mohan

    This soap is great for babies and children, with no side effects. It has a mild aroma, and does not dry out your skin. The soap is white in color and needs to be kept away from water. The soap is not very harsh, but it will give you squeaky clean skin, giving you a glow. Moreover, the soap is made up of 100% natural ingredients.

  18. Parvathi Goyal

    Dhathri Nalpamara Soap is an Ayurvedic soap that helps to protect skin from infections and allergies, giving you pigment-free skin. It is safe to use for babies. It has been clinically proven to be effective for treating skin allergies and irritations, lightens pigmentation and is ideal for babies and kids.

  19. Chikku

    I have been using this soap for a month now and I must say, I am very impressed with the results. My skin has become much smoother and pigmentation has reduced significantly. I have also noticed that my skin has become more light and radiant. I strongly recommend this soap.

  20. Joseph David

    Best Ayurvedic soap that I used ever!

  21. Akshay

    My husband and I have been using this soap for a month now. We had some skin irritations. It has been one month and our skin has gotten better. We like this soap. We would continue to use it.

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  • Wet skin with water
  • Apply the soap gently and work up foaming a lather and rinse off
  • Can be used on the face and body
  • Regular use improves skin health

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