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  • 5-in-1 Soap Combo

    Promotes healthy skin | Moisturizes skin

  • Nourishing Shea Butter Body Wash

    Soothes & Moisturize Skin | Long-lasting fragrance

    128 Flat 20% Off
  • Raktha Chandan Soap (Pack of 5)

    Treats pimples & dark spots | Reduces skin itching & allergies

  • Oushadha Soap ( Pack Of 5 )

    Reduces skin infections & allergies | Promotes healthy skin

  • Refreshing Aloe Vera Body Wash

    Hydrates skin & removes impurities | Offers a refreshing glow

    128 Flat 20% Off
  • dhathri nalpamara soap


    Nalpamara Soap (Pack Of 5)

    Reduces skin allergies & irritations | Ideal for babies

  • Anti-bacterial Neem Body Wash

    Protects skin from germs & bacteria | Leaves skin refreshed

    128 Flat 20% Off
  • Sandal Soap (Pack Of 5)

    Rejuvenates & Moisturizes skin | Makes skin soft & smooth

  • Turmeric Soap (Pack Of 5)

    Purifies skin | Removes blemishes & brightens skin

  • 3 in 1 Body Wash Combo

    Soothes & Moisturize skin | Leaves skin refreshed

    384 Flat 20% Off
  • Aloe Vera Body Wash Bundle (Pack of 3)

    Hydrates skin & removes impurities | Offers a refreshing glow

    384 Flat 20% Off
  • Shea Butter Body Wash Bundle (Pack of 3)

    Soothes & Moisturize Skin | Long-lasting fragrance

    384 Flat 20% Off
  • Neem Body Wash Bundle (Pack of 3)

    Protects skin from germs & bacteria | Leaves skin refreshed

    384 Flat 20% Off

Best Body Care Products for Men & Women

Exposure to dirt, impurities, stress, and unhealthy lifestyle practices are some of the reasons why your skin loses its glow. A good bath regimen made of herbal products helps you to retain the glow of your skin. Through the years, skin is exposed to tan, spots, blemishes, ageing, stress etc. It needs to stay away from all chemical-based products for it to stay youthful always. The best bathing products for men and women from Dhathri include a range of body washes, handwashes and soaps that rejuvenate your skin, giving your skin a moisturized and healthy glow.

Benefits of Body Cleaning Products

Ayurveda signifies the importance of “Snana” or bath. The bath or Snana as per Ayurveda has been given significance by scholars of Ayurveda as an important part of daily routine or ‘dinacharya’ for hygiene and personal care. Taking a good bath or snana can be rejuvenating for the mind, body or soul, leaving you refreshed and energized to do all the activities of the day. Hence a good Snana along with the right body care practices is required to cleanse your body from all possible dust, dirt and pollutants and other impurities.  Being hygienic and clean with freshness can improve your positivity and energy levels throughout the day.

Body cleansers play an important role in body care and bathing. These bathing products cleanse the body and remove impurities while retaining the natural oiliness of the skin. It keeps your body well protected from germs and thus offers hygiene and all-round protection. 

Our Natural Body Care Products

Every bath should deliver some amount of goodness and Ayurvedic products are the best when it comes to body care. Dhathri has a range of body products that meets all your specific body care concerns, keeping it hygienic and healthy. Body care products from Dhathri include body washes, soaps and hand washes. 

Our Ayurvedic Soaps can be used on the body and face as well. They are completely free from animal fats, silicones and mineral oils. Oushadha soap is made from ayurvedic ingredients like red sandalwood, thazhampoov, nagapoov and thechi that keep your skin free from allergies, dust itching and infections. Turmeric soap by Dhathri contains turmeric, which helps to keep your skin away from pigmentation and blemishes. 

Sandal Soap has a warm and woody fragrance that gives you a soothing shower, leaving your skin lustrous and soft. Chempakam soap contains saffron, golden Champa and other floral extracts to keep your skin clear and healthy. Nalpmara soap contains the herbal essence of 4 therapeutic trees that gives you infection-free skin. It is also ideal for babies.

The herbal body wash Range from Dhathri offers you refreshing showers that leave your skin protected and healthy. Antibacterial Neem Body Wash contains neem, bergamot and turmeric, known to purify your skin and keep it cleansed and protected from germs and infections. Shea Butter Body Wash with shea butter, coconut milk, almond and lavender cleanses dirt and grime and nourishes and moisturises dull and dry skin leaving it soft and smooth. Aloe Vera Body Wash cleans, soothes and refreshes your skin while removing impurities.  

Handwash range from Dhathri includes Turmeric hand wash that fights germs and keeps your hands hygienic. The Aloe Vera Hand Wash from Dhathri moisturizes hands and keeps it soft.

Why Use Dhathri Body Care Products

Dhathri Ayurveda offers nourishing and moisturizing effects through a range of body products. We give you rejuvenating bathing products to revitalize yourself through products that keep skin supple and soft. It also protects the skin and body from various germs and infections. The hand washes ensure your hands are never left out when it comes to hygiene. Treat yourself to the rich natural benefits of an Ayurveda bath or Snana, with our range of bathing products, giving you a rejuvenating body care ritual and leaving a refreshed feel.

How Can We Use Natural Body Care products? 

Take a small amount of soap or hand wash in your hands. Lather up on your skin and wash off with water. Get a refreshing feel with each shower.

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Yes, Bath and Body products from Dhathri are made with natural ingredients which are sourced ethically and sustainably. Dhathri products are safe to use, free from synthetic chemicals, and designed to give you beautiful and youthful skin. In fact, Dhathri is committed to providing natural solutions for better health and beauty.

Yes, Dhathri bath and body products are safe for all skin types! Dhathri ayurvedic products are non-toxic and gentle, providing deep nourishment for the skin. All our products are non-comedogenic(contain ingredients that won’t clog your pores)making them a great choice for people with sensitive skin. Dhathri products are a unique blend of Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science to help you maintain healthy, beautiful skin.

The common ingredients found in Dhathri bath and body products include Aloe Vera extract, virgin coconut oil, neem, almond, and turmeric while our ayurvedic soaps contain extracts from natural ingredients known for their medicinal and calming effects. All of these ingredients are carefully chosen to create natural formulas that promote healthy, beautiful skin.

Bath and body products have numerous benefits. They keep your skin hydrated, balanced, and soft. Dhathri Bath and body products contain ingredients which can help nourish and moisturize your skin. They promote healthy skin by deeply moisturising and cleansing the body. Thus, bath and body products are an integral part of the skincare routine.