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  • dhathri hair care plus herbal oil with comb



    Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil

    Dhathri hair care plus herbal oil is a clinically proven Ayurvedic hair oil with the healing power of nature to rejuvenate hair follicles and promote healthy growth. It’s a  unique formulation of 21 restorative Ayurvedic herbs, a completely natural remedy for your hair if you have intense hair fall trouble. The new & improved formula also reduces dandruff, promoting the healthy growth of hair.


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  • dheedhi daily herbal shampoo



    Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo

    Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo is daily use shampoo made from a unique blend of natural herbs to keep hair clean and dandruff-free. It’s a clinically tested and proven mild shampoo for daily use. This herbal hair wash formula also moisturizes hair and scalp, promoting healthy growth naturally. The conditioning ingredients in dheedhi daily shampoo make hair smooth and lustrous.

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  • red onion shampoo



    Dhathri Onion Bringa Shampoo

    Dhathri Onion Bhringraj Shampoo is an organic Ayurvedic shampoo that promotes healthy hair with the essence of red onions. This onion shampoo, enriched with the goodness of Bhringraj and organic Onion, is designed to gently cleanse the scalp while moisturizing hair and reducing hair fall. Dhathri Onion Hair Shampoo is suitable for all hair types and contains no harsh chemicals. This organic Ayurvedic formula helps restore the hair’s natural moisture balance, making it soft, smooth, and shiny.

  • onion conditioner



    Dhathri Onion Bringa Conditioner

    Dhathri Onion conditioner is an organic blend enriched with Onion, Bringa and 10 other natural ingredients to provide effective care for your hair. This organic blend of Ayurvedic conditioner reduces hair fall, supports hair growth and nourishes your hair naturally with effective properties of ingredients in it. With the pure extracts of red onion & bringa, our organic red onion conditioner is also rich in vitamins, crude proteins & sulphur, which favors hair growth and reduces hair fall. In addition, this organic natural conditioner does not contain mineral oil, silicones, SLS & PEG.

  • dhathri chemparathi thaali



    Chemparathi Thaali

    Chemparathi Thaali is made from pure extracts of Hibiscus, a known traditional hair therapy for adding shine and texture. It helps in nourishing hair, preventing hair dryness by retaining the moisture & natural oiliness in hair and scalp. Traditional hibiscus shampoo is one of the best unavoidable hair cleanser for hair care on any hair type.

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  • red onion shampoo and conditioner combo



    Onion Bringa Shampoo and Conditioner Combo

    Get more “good hair days” with the organic Red Onion Shampoo and Conditioner Kit! Infused with the nourishing power of organic red onion, this powerful combo deeply hydrates and makes your hair healthy and smooth. Dhathri Onion Shampoo Conditioner Combo is the ultimate organic hair care combo for those who want to achieve beautiful, healthy hair.

  • dheedhi anti hair fall shampoo



    Dheedhi Anti Hairfall Herbal Shampoo

    With a blend of 7 therapeutic leaves, Dheedhi Anti Hair Fall Herbal Shampoo is herbal therapy to keep hair fall in control, promoting strength and healthy growth of hair. Get the therapeutic benefits of the 7 leaves that nourish your hair and stimulate hair follicles, promising you naturally healthy hair.

  • dhathri hair care herbal oil



    Hair Care Herbal Oil

    An Ayurvedic herbal hair oil formulated with 15 selected herbs for enhanced hair growth. The power of these ayurvedic herbs nourishes hair follicles, imbues strength to weaker hair strands and brings vitality to your hair. Get the rich essence of proteins, vitamins and minerals needed for healthy hair growth with a daily hair routine involving Hair Care Herbal Oil.




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  • dhathri hair protector cream



    Hair Protector

    Dhathri Hair Protector is a concentrated hair oil that can be used as a hair styling cream,  with nourishing benefits for your hair and hair roots. Being a non-sticky formula with the essence of 15 natural ingredients, it also protects the hair from root to tip while preventing dryness, breakage and dandruff. It’s a unisex oil-based hair balm that can be used by both men and women.




  • dheedhi conditioner



    Dheedhi Conditioner

    A herbal formulation for conditioning dry, frizzy & damaged hair. Being a herbal conditioner, Dheedhi Conditioner is completely safe to be used on the scalp and can also be used as a leave-in conditioner. It’s a daily essential to keep hair smooth and free from frizz.

  • Super saver combo



    Dheedhi Herbal Shampoo Super Saver Combo

    Say goodbye to all your hair care woes with this Super Saver Shampoo Combo. Dhathri Dheedhi Volume & Thickness Herbal Shampoo formulated with the goodness of herbal extracts from Henna, Heartseed and Tinospora nurture fine thin hairs, increasing their volume and making them visibly thicker. Dheedhi Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo is the best herbal shampoo for treating damaged, dull hair and restoring its natural shine. This combo rejuvenates and nourishes your hair making it look healthy and lustrous. This is a must-have Combo to restore hair’s lost shine and to improve hair texture.

  • dheedhi anti dandruff shampoo



    Dheedhi Anti-Dandruff Herbal Shampoo

    Dhathri Anti Dandruff Shampoo is prepared from an ayurvedic process suryapakavidhi with ingredients that have antimicrobial and anti-fungal properties to fight dandruff. These herbs soothe the scalp and relieve the scalp from itching. Adopt this Dandruff- Therapy that restores the balance of scalp and hair.

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  • anti dandruff oil



    Anti-Dandruff Oil

    Anti Dandruff Oil is an ayurvedic hair oil prepared from an ayurvedic process ‘sooryapaka vidhi’ – sunlight infused extraction method that effectively fights dandruff and keeps your scalp free from itching. Get a healthy scalp with a natural therapeutic oil massage that boosts your overall hair health.





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  • Dheedhi volume & thickness herbal shampoo



    Dheedhi Volume & Thickness Herbal Shampoo

    Dhathri Dheedhi Volume & Thickness Herbal Shampoo is a herbal therapy to get thick and voluminous hair. The goodness of herbal extracts from Henna, Heartseed and Tinospora nourish and nurture fine thin hairs, increasing their volume and making them visibly thicker. Adopt this herbal shampoo to flaunt healthy hair that has strong & damage free hair roots.

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  • dheedhi damage repair shampoo



    Dheedhi Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo

    Dheedhi Damage Repair Herbal Shampoo is a gentle cleansing formula for treating damaged, dull hair strands, restoring their natural shine. A unique ayurvedic recipe to repair the damage and promote nourishment throughout. A must-have for damaged hair with split-ends.

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  • Neelibhringadi-keram



    Neelibhringadi Keram

    Neelibhringadi hair oil is an ayurvedic hair oil that keeps hair fall in check. By stimulating hair follicles to support healthy growth, this nourishing blend is an ideal herbal formula to moisturize your hair locks, and keep them manageable without worrying about hairfall. This Bhringadi formula is ideal if your hair looks dull with constant hair loss.





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Our Best Ayurvedic Hair Care Products

We at Dhathri create Ayurvedic products keeping in mind your happiness and health to promote overall well-being. We offer you Hair Oils for intense hair fall issues, Anti-dandruff Oil for recurring dandruff, Mild daily Shampoo free from Sulphates Parabens, etc. Our organic products are crafted in a way that your hair gets all-natural nourishment and is free from any external obstacles or attacks. Explore our ayurvedic hair care products for men including a Hair protector cream that keeps hair stylish and tamed while promoting growth naturally. Our natural hair care products for women range from Herbal oils, Shampoo & Conditioners, etc.

Ayurvedic hair oils

Hair Oil is an essential product required in your daily care hair routine. Hair is a precious asset of every person and it is important to take care of it to keep them healthy, shiny, and voluminous. But today’s pollution has taken its toll on our health with more than 3 million chemicals attacking the scalp. Our best-selling hair oils such as Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil, Herbal Care oil, Anti-Dandruff Oil, and Daily Care Oil are created mainly for various hair concerns. 

All our oils are made from natural ingredients and follow the traditional processes of Ayurveda like Sooryapaka vidhi, Thailapaka vidhi, and Snehapaka vidhi. These oils come under the best hair oils in ayurvedic hair care products and they can be used for all hair types.

Ayurvedic hair cleansers

We have an array of ayurvedic hair cleansers, made particularly for different concerns. From Chemparathi Thaali, Daily Herbal Shampoo, and Anti-hairfall 5shampoo, we have 8 different best hair cleansers in our natural hair care products. All our hair cleansers are free from harmful chemicals and can be used for all hair types. These cleaners are made from natural ingredients such as aloe vera, chemparathi, Amla, etc, which are all completely beneficial for hair growth and hair problems.

Herbal Shampoos

All our shampoos are made from herbal ingredients such as lime, amla, coconut oil, aloe vera, almond, etc that help in the natural nourishment of hair. Made for different concerns including dandruff, hair fall, scalp infection, and other problems, the regular use of our Ayurvedic shampoos helps in offering the best remedies for your hair.

Natural Hair Conditioners

Our natural conditioners are the best among our natural hair care products, that help nourish the hair after applying our herbal shampoos to your hair. Our conditioner is an Ayurvedic formulation curated for conditioning damaged, dry or frizzy hair. It contains natural ingredients such as coconut oil, Amla, Licorice, and Reetha, which are completely beneficial for your hair. In addition to all these, you can also use our conditioner on your scalp.

Natural Hair Creams

To cope with the concerns like dandruff, itching, and hair growth nourishment, we also have a hair protector in our set of  Ayurvedic hair care products that can be applied to both wet and dry hair. This hair cream is made through the Ayurvedic process of Kashayapakavidhi and Malaharapakavidhi with feature-rich herbal ingredients including  Amla, Aloe vera, Almond oil, and other herbal ingredients. Regular use of our natural hair creams will help you to cope with the above concerns and makes your hair soft and shiny.

Finding ideal hair care products that meet your set of hair needs is essential to maintaining healthy, nourished hair and scalp free from dirt, pollutants, dandruff, or other hair concerns. There is a known fear around the number of Hair Care products online of having chemical ingredients that hold potential damage to the existing hair problem. 

Start treating hair-related concerns at the earliest and give your hair a special hair treatment for it to grow naturally, maintain health, and overall outlook to flaunt it without second thoughts. Today,  busy lifestyle patterns have resulted in skipping hair care concerns and searching for solutions later. Begin a daily Hair Care regimen with the best Ayurvedic hair care products to get solutions that last longer.

At Dhathri we create Ayurvedic hair care products for all hair concerns that require intense treatment without adding damage. Dhathri has a range of Hair oils, Hair Cleansers, and Hair Conditioners that contain Ayurvedic herbs and ingredients which adds nourishment to the hair, promote growth and restore natural luster for hair. Choose natural hair care products of your choice specific to your hair issue and treat your hair to the natural goodness in the herbal ingredients.


Hair health is important because it is one of the first things people notice about you. The health and vibrancy of your hair can reveal a lot about your overall health. With proper maintenance and care, you can always have healthy, vibrant hair. Hair health reflects how healthy or unhealthy your lifestyle is.

Following are some tips that you should follow for healthy hair:-

  • Brush your hair before you shower

    Brushing your hair distributes natural oils from the scalp to the ends of your hair. Avoid brushing wet hair as it can cause hair breakage.

  • Massage your scalp

     Give your scalp regular massages to promote blood circulation.

  • Condition & Nourish

    Conditioning your hair helps in detangling and moisture retention. It removes knots or tangles as well as replenishes the moisture of the hair.

  • Get regular trims

    Get a haircut every 6 to 7 weeks to reduce breakage and split ends.

  • Eat a balanced diet.

    Hair is mostly made up of protein, so eating a protein-rich diet is essential. A diet rich in essential nutrients, such as protein, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A, B12, C and E, and vitamin D and zinc is good for scalp and hair health.

Having a good hair care routine is essential for maintaining healthy, shiny, and soft hair. In order to achieve this, it is important to have the right products. Following a proper hair care routine helps in maintaining beautiful hair and in improving the strength and texture of your hair.

Dhathri is a premium ayurvedic brand based in Kerala, the  Mecca of Ayurveda. Our hair care products include ayurvedic hair oils, hair cleansers, shampoos, and conditioners. Dhathri’s hair care products are made with natural ingredients such as amla, shikakai, hibiscus, aloe vera, and others. Dhathri products are free of chemicals, parabens, and sulphates, so you can be sure that they will not harm your hair.

We are a leading ayurvedic brand, and our products are made from natural and traditional ayurvedic ingredients that are known to nourish and strengthen hair. Our haircare philosophy is centred on using all-natural solutions and traditional methods that are designed to provide the best results for all hair types.