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Advantages of Onion Hair Oil

10 Benefits of Onion Hair Oil

  The benefits of onion hair oil have gained major significance in hair care routines. Being a natural herb rich in sulphur, potassium, antioxidants etc, this oil works magic on your hair, treating all hair problems including hairfall, dandruff, premature greying and even baldness. Onion oil has now replaced regular hair oils that offered these benefits, owing to the multitude of hair nourishing benefits we get by using it. Read on as we explore more about the benefits of this oil.
  1. Enhances Hair Growth
Onion oil for hair growth helps in promoting hair growth by revitalizing hair strands, nourishing your roots and accelerating overall growth. It also helps to maintain the pH levels of the scalp, which keeps the scalp healthy. Applying the oil to the scalp improves blood circulation to the scalp, thereby enhancing overall growth. 
  1. Treats Dandruff
Dandruff is an embarrassing hair concern. Today due to a number of reasons including busy lifestyle s patterns, dandruff has become a common concern for all.  Health experts say that onion is extremely useful to treat dandruff on the scalp. Dandruff occurs due to a fungus called Malassezia Globosa. This feeds on the sebum which is produced by our sebaceous glands. This results in the formation of oleic acid. Most of us are sensitive to oleic acid and this makes our body react to it in the form of itching and the formation of flakes on the scalp. Applying oil made from onion can control the itching, calm the scalp and bring down the effect of the fungal infection on the scalp. 
  1. Prevents premature greying
If you have noticed, it is the perfect remedy to enhance hair growth and keep it away from premature greying as it helps in nourishing the enzyme catalyze which is responsible for the dark colouring of hair. By adding a thick black shine and bounce, these oils are known for hair-enhancing capabilities for ages.
  1. Avoid Split ends:
Having damaged hair is an unavoidable hair concern. Split-ends are one such damage to hair that causes hair to look dry and dull with breakage at the ends. We often cut the ends to get relief from the damaged hair strands. This is not an ideal solution though. Red onion hair oil  benefits hair enhancement including treating damage. This is when we adopt, this oil to treat damaged hair and split ends, giving your hair a revitalized look. Sulphur present in onion softens hair and treats split ends naturally. It gives vitality to hair follicles and repairs them. This also adds volume to hair, giving you relief from dull and damaged hair with split ends.
  1. Natural Conditioner

Though we relate with shampoos and conditioners for hair smoothness, oil from onion is a natural alternative for conditioning your hair. Apart from boosting growth, this oil benefits in  hair in the form of natural conditioning formula. It can be used before shampoo washing as a gentle conditioner to maintain the softness of hair that may be altered with the use of shampoo. Onion oil here acts as a conditioning substance and makes sure that your shampoo does not strip off the natural oiliness of your scalp.


         6. Regulates hair growth circle Until now you have read about how onion oil stimulates hair growth, helps in voluminous growth etc. It helps in the faster growth of hair, by activating hair growth enzymes on the scalp and adding pace to the growth of hair. Onion is a miracle herb for hair, gives you fast hair growth with regular use. As onion hair oil rejuvenates the scalp and boosts blood circulation, it stimulates nourished growth from hair follicles.
  1. Say goodbye to baldness
Onion being a natural remedy for hair problems, it can trigger the growth of bald patches as well. With further studies on this, oil may be the right natural remedy for you to have voluminous hair. 
  1. Shine and bounce
If you are looking at the best alternative way to treat your damaged and dull tresses, you are at the right place reading the best solution for your dull hair problem. It adds lustre to your strands and keeps them shiny and smooth all day long. Regular use of this oil benefits your hair with vitality and smooth texture, giving you good hair days, every day.
  1. Works well on dry hair
Dull hair gives your overall personality an incomplete look. Be it curly or wavy hair, or other hair types, hair looks healthy when it is frizz-free and tamed. Being a natural wonder herb, onion acts as a hydrating agent on hair as it contains natural nourishing components that moisturize or hydrate hair and keep it free from dryness and frizz.
  1. Keeps hair fall in check
As onion contains sulphur, it keeps hair strong and healthy, reducing the chances of breakage and fall. Sulphur in onion helps to promote collagen production, which aids the production of healthy cells. Antioxidants in onion control the free radicals that contribute to hair loss and hair thinning. Application of oil:
  1. Take sufficient amounts of oil  in your hands and apply it to your hair and scalp
  2. Gently massage it in a circular motion for a 5-6  minutes
  3. Leave the oil on your hair for about 20 minutes
  4. Wash off with a mild herbal shampoo
  5. Follow the routine twice a week to gain the best results
Healthy hair denotes your hair confidence! Essential nutrients and minerals needed for enhanced hair growth are supplied through natural remedies, like onion oil. Today we have a multitude of information on onion hair oil benefits and uses. If you are concerned about your hair health, start today with an onion range of products for your hair care regimen. Onion oil gives you the benefits of enjoying healthy hair naturally, though it has an odd smell when applied to your hair. An onion hair care regimen for Hair! Oil fro onion is your best natural companion in your journey of hair nourishment. Onion oil, onion hair shampoo and other onion products together keep hair well-prepped to fight hair problems. The goodness of essential vitamins, minerals and potent antioxidants in this  oil assist in reversing the premature greying of hair. Regular use of this oill improves and stimulates hair follicles and helps in healthy hair growth, free from dandruff, itching, premature greying and dullness. Welcome this natural remedy to your hair care ritual and enjoy healthy hair days without depending on chemical alternatives. 
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