Importance of hygiene in our daily life CategoriesHealth

Importance of Hygiene in Our Daily Life

Hygiene forms a crucial part of health today. With added importance on keeping oneself immune, healthy, safe and free from diseases, hygiene has also formed an unavoidable part of a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps the importance of hygiene has surged during the past few years due to pandemic situations that forced us to start hygiene practices, to keep us safe and germ-free.  With this in mind, multiple campaigns have been conducted to reinforce the ideal in our minds. 

How to choose the best body wash for all seasons CategoriesBath and Body

How to choose the best body wash for all seasons

A good body care routine helps to make your skin stay in a good condition. Along with proper hair care and skin care regimen, good body care is a necessity to stay young and wrinkle-free. Washing your body with a range of body cleansers makes your skin supple and soft which otherwise would be rough and dry. Body care is also the foremost part of hygiene and it defines how much care you give to your hygiene practices. But the kind of body care products that suit your skin may vary from the kind of body care products used by others. It’s essential to identify the skin type that you have and accordingly choose the ideal set of body care products for your body care regimen. Along with the knowledge of what is ideal for your skin, it is also essential to know the basic difference between shower gel and body wash. Shower gels are thicker formulas whereas body washes have a liquid texture and feel more moisturizing.  Ever since the relevance of natural products gained importance, Ayurvedic products have been in demand. Ayurvedic body washes are more popular among ayurvedic body care products. Multiple online ayurvedic stores are now selling ayurvedic soaps and body washes that do not strip the natural moisture from skin but maintain a supple finish after every bath.

Top 5 body care tips for men and women CategoriesBath and Body

Top 5 Body Care Tips for Men and Women in 2023

Seasonal changes can cause imbalances in health and the body. Prolonged exposure to the different climatic conditions can cause issues on skin and body, be it summer, winter, monsoon or any other season. Sudden fluctuation in weather and climatic situations can make it difficult for the body to adapt to the situation. As weather changes, it is extremely important to adopt products that help to keep your body survival ready for variations. Here are some body care tips for men and women during the different seasons.

importance of using paraben & sulfate-free body wash CategoriesBath and Body

Importance of Using Paraben and Sulphate-Free Body wash

Have you ever wondered why there is rising consciousness to switch to sulphate and paraben-free products? Read on to know why even when Sulphate and Paraben are an essential part of the body and skincare, there has been a conscious effort by new-age brands to avoid them altogether. Brands are now promoting products like body wash, hair and skin care products that are free from sulphate and paraben