The Benefits of Onion Juice for HairCategoriesHaircare

The Benefits of Onion Juice for Hair

Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle patterns, unhealthy food habits and hair woes are an increasing concern day by day. Traditional remedies take a longer time to bring out the benefits and this has limited our use of traditional means to combat issues related to hair. Amongst hundreds of traditional herbs and ingredients, Onions have been used for ages to treat hair woes and bring natural nourishment.

Unknown Benefits of Dheedhi Daily Herbal ShampooCategoriesHaircare

Unknown Benefits of Dheedhi Daily Herbal Shampoo

Dheedhi daily herbal shampoo is a natural and herbal formulation of several natural ingredients that nourish your hair locks and makes them smooth and shiny. An ideal solution to treat your hair and promote natural hair growth. It nourishes hair follicles to grow naturally. It’s a mild herbal formula that can be used to wash hair daily. It is free from Paraben, sulphates and Petrochemicals. 

Best Shampoo for Hair that can be Used Daily to Nourish HairCategoriesHaircare

Best Shampoo for Hair that can be Used Daily to Nourish Hair

Years before the introduction of grooming products, ancient people depended on nature and natural resources for beauty and hygiene. With advancement and introduction of modern technologies and ways of living this shifted towards artificial products building importance on beauty and personal care. With western influence, we have now based ourselves on millions of products under the beauty, personal care or grooming segment to enhance health, beauty and overall wellness. However the use of chemical products caused further harm and gave its own consequences. This raised a concern, following which a shift towards natural products were seen. We have now adopted natural and organic products to treat our personal care concerns. 

5 best hair fall control oils for all hair typesCategoriesHaircare

5 Best Hair Fall Control Oils for all Hair Types

Hair healthforms the basic part of daily routine. Healthy vibrant shining hair is quite noticeable and people aspire to have healthy hair free from damage or dandruff. Healthy hair is a sign of confidence for everyone. Hashtags on Good hair Day on social media are indicators of how healthy and shining hair makes a positive vibe around a person. With regards to healthy hair care, Haircare products became an unavoidable part of the hair care routine. Hair health largely depends on the effort taken for keeping it free from damage and other disturbing elements. It is also dependent on the consistency of care given to your hair. Hair oils, hair cleansers, Hair creams, masks serums etc are some of the hair care products for women available today. Amongst the hair products for men, apart from oils and shampoos, hair creams and hair masks are also popular favourites.


6 Easy Home Remedies for Split Ends

Split ends are horrifying. They disturb the texture of hair and make it look frizzy and dry. Split ends are the indicators of damaged hair. Split-ends, damaged hair is a few hair concerns faced by most of us today.  Some people chop off hair-ends to get rid of split-ends, however, this alone may not be a solution for split-ends. Split ends can occur due to many reasons. Exposure to heat, dust and pollution, over washing of hair, irregular practices of hair oiling, excessive use of hair styling products, etc are some of the reasons that can cause hair split-ends. Overexposure to hard water and chemical treatments are also a few other causes of split-ends. Home remedies can be a lifesaver when it comes to split ends. Herbs and ayurvedic ingredients may not be attractive in their visual appearance, but they are the best guide to maintaining natural healthy split-ends-free hair. 

How to stop hair fall in 8 waysCategoriesHaircare

How to Stop Hair fall in 8 Ways

Hair loss is a bother! While trying out hundred’s of products, we often forget to alter simple mistakes that have been a part of our Lifestyle. Along with using the right products for your hair type, it is also essential to practice healthy habits that can bring about significant changes in your core area of hair concern. Read on and find out how to stop hair fall with these simple measures that can be followed in your lifestyle pattern to keep hair loss at bay and promote healthy hair growth. 


7 Best shampoos for every hair type | Free from SLS and parabens

Natural products and herbal therapies are the most searched topics around hair skin and body, with growing concern to switch to natural and Ayurvedic products. A visible amount of people has now turned to brands that make their hair and skin natural and beautiful. With this in mind, people are growing conscious about the kind of products that they use on their hair, skin or body.  Along with multiple searches for herbal products online, a lot of queries are also based on finding the best Ayurvedic online shop that sells hair growth products that are free from sulphate, parabens and other chemical substances. Sulphate,  a chemical cleansing component known for its cleaning power, has been avoided in many shampoos today because it strips off natural oiliness from the scalp especially the ones with a sensitive scalp. This is perhaps the beginning of a huge user base for a sulphate free shampoo. Parabens are preservative ingredients used in Beauty and Personal Care products. We see a constant effort by youth to search for shampoos that are free of paraben/sulphate/silicones etc and also can be used for every hair type. Hair products with chemicals are no longer of interest but avoided consciously with growing concern.

Home remedies for hair growth and thicknessCategoriesHaircare

Home Remedies for Hair Growth and Thickness

Flauntworthy thick hair is always a dream come true. Healthy hair growth and strong and thick hair need effort and utmost care for it to retain natural lustre with flawless locks. Thinning and dull hair is troublesome. Due to the lack of proper care and attention, hair tends to become thinner daily, leading to hair loss and damage. With an extremely busy schedule, today, most of us forget about a proper hair care regimen that includes natural remedies and tips to get rid of hair fall and ensure natural thick growth. Busy lifestyle and modernization has prompted us to buy. Read on and find out a few home remedies for hair growth and thickness you can practice to make your hair thick and strong.

10 natural remedies for hair fall controlCategoriesHaircare

10 Natural Remedies for Hair Fall Control

Hair fall is annoying. Fall free hair is a dream come true for most of us. Have you ever wondered how we can control hair fall effectively with natural remedies? Read on to know a list of natural remedies that can be adopted to get flawless hair free from fall and other hair woes.

1. Hair Massage

Hot oil massage is the best nourishment you can give your scalp to activate hair follicles, and restore hair growth. Massaging with warm oil can stimulate blood circulation that helps in the even distribution of nutrients that hair follicles need to activate the pace of growth. Oiling hair controls hair fall and prevents the formation of a dry scalp that can lead to dandruff. Using a warm oil massage can keep the scalp nourished and hydrated, preventing the chances of damage. Hair massages repairs cuticles that cause split-ends.