7 scientific health benefits of turmeric and curcumin CategoriesWellness

7 Scientific Health Benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin

Turmeric is a plant grown mostly in Southeast Asia, specifically in India. Apart from being a culinary spice, it has been a  known traditional herb that holds various healing and medicinal powers. It is used as an unavoidable ingredient in Indian curries. In addition to this, turmeric is used widely in Ayurveda and east Asian medicine systems to heal and as a medicinal herb. It has been used to rejuvenate the body and treat respiratory disorders, digestive disorders, allergies and immunity-related disorders. Today with importance to health and wellbeing, Turmeric is used in various health supplements and in products that promote a healthy lifestyle. Ayurveda was perhaps the first one to bring forward Curcumin and talk about its benefits. 

How to reduce stress and anxiety naturally CategoriesWellness

How to Reduce Stress and Anxiety Naturally: 6 Easy Tips

Stress is the body’s response to an external challenging or disturbing situation. It can be physical, emotional or mental activity and can happen at any time or anywhere. Anyone and everyone can face stress at different phases of life through circumstantial situations at work, home or school or elsewhere. Stress is taken as a negative or medical condition. However, stress can also be due to a sudden change, be it a promotion or having a baby. Not all forms of stress are bad for health. Sometimes stress can help certain people to overcome limitations and overcome challenging situations. Sometimes stress can also help them to meet deadlines and lead them away from laziness. In such instances, stress is a form of action that makes them work better and faster. However, for some forms of stress, medical help is required. There are several ways in which you can avoid stressful occasions or get relief from stress. Read on to find out easy ways you can cope up with stress and anxiety naturally.

How to boost your immune sysytem post covid 19 pandemic CategoriesWellness

How to Boost your Immune System Post-COVID-19 Pandemic

Covid 19 pandemic has upsurged an alert to stay healthy in our minds. With an added emphasis on immunity and building resistance against disease attacks, several people have now turned to opt methods to keep the body healthy. With the pandemic, a lot of people has now switched to organic foods and lifestyle, avoiding habits that may alter their health in future. Read on to find out more about healthy practices and methods that can be adapted easily to boost your immune system and promote health and overall wellness. 

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Top 5 Ayurvedic Immunity Boosters in 2023

With the introduction of an alarming virus worldwide, we all have turned health-conscious with added stress for immunity. A weak immune system is a gateway to illness and disease attack by germs, bacteria or viruses. Health has gained significant importance over the past few years and several people are now looking for supplements that boosts the overall health and wellness of an individual. Read on to know more about the benefits of ayurvedic immunity boosters and the top 4 immunity boosters that boosts health.