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Importance of Using Paraben and Sulphate-Free Body wash

importance of using paraben & sulfate-free body wash

Importance of Using Paraben and Sulphate-Free Body wash


Have you ever wondered why there is rising consciousness to switch to sulphate and paraben-free products? Read on to know why even when Sulphate and Paraben are an essential part of the body and skincare, there has been a conscious effort by new-age brands to avoid them altogether. Brands are now promoting products like body wash, hair and skin care products that are free from sulphate and paraben 


What are Sulphates and what do they do?

What are Paraben and what do they do?

Alternate solution: Natural Products

Things to look at while you purchase body washes

Why do you need Natural Body Washes?

What are Sulphates and what do they do?

The simplest answer is they are the reason why bath and body products create lather and foam. Sulphates are surfactants or substances that attract both oil and water. Hence they were known to be good cleansers that wash away the dirt and grime from skin and hair easily. This is one of the reasons why they were immensely important in body washes, hair and skincare products. 

Sulphates are essentially detergents that keep the body and skin clean from dirt. They are actively used in cosmetics to keep skin free from dirt. But why is there a growing concern over sulphate free products? This is because sulphates can wash off the natural oiliness in your skin and may cause irritation in some, sometimes, leading to redness and itchiness in the skin. Also by cleaning off the oil and dirt, they cause dryness in the skin as well. On a dangerous note, sulphates can lead to several skin issues as well.

Harmful effects caused by Sulphates on body and skin

Skin irritation: Studies say Sulphates destroys the fats and protein layer of the skin and causes irritation in the skin.

Penetration to skin membranes: Sulphate molecules penetrate deep into the skin and may cause harmful effects.

Cause Acne: For people with sensitive skin, Sulphates clog up the pores and cause acne.

What are Paraben and what do they do?

Paraben on the other hand is used in products as they are excellent preservatives to keep the natural ingredients in products from being spoiled. They prevent the growth of fungi and bacteria and keep the products safe from being spoiled. This helps the products to maintain the quality levels for a longer time. 

Harmful effects caused by Paraben on body and skin

Allergic reaction: Paraben can cause an allergic reaction on the skin in some people, especially in sensitive skin or broken and damaged skin

Growth of Harmful cancerous cells : Paraben can penetrate into your skin faster and stays within the tissue which causes harm and may cause the growth of cancerous cells as per studies. 

This is why there has been a rising thought to avoid products that have paraben and sulphates in products especially bath and body to avoid harmful effects of these substances to disturb or cause damage to our skin.

SheaButter body wash

Alternate solution: Natural Products

Like skin, our body needs a set of products to pamper and nourish and keep it clean from dirt and impurities.  An extra lovely fragrance of body wash or natural soaps is essential to pamper your body and skin that keeps you energetic throughout the day. Indulge yourself in a natural treat of ingredients to give your body a fragrant energetic shower to feel fresh for a whole day. Herbal body wash have hydrating elements that keep your body hydrated and moisturized and retain the natural oiliness of the skin. Natural ingredients ensure you the pure nature’s goodness that is safe on the body and skin.

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Things to look at while you purchase body washes

Hydrating body wash: Most body washes not only washes away dirt, but also the natural oiliness of the skin which acts as a protective barrier. Choose a body wash that deeply hydrates skin & removes impurities. It should remove excess oil from the body and give a refreshing glow after every use.

Natural fragrance: Most people prefer lovely fragrant body washes that soothe the skin and keeps it replenished. Choose a body wash that has natural aromatic extracts and free from paraben and sulphate which gives you a nourishing bath with an enchanting fragrance that leaves a refreshing glow on the body and skin.

Retain natural oiliness: Natural oiliness in skin maintains the balance of the skin. These substances maintain the moisture on the skin while fighting bacteria and unwanted impurities. Choose a body wash that retains natural oiliness without overdoing it. The body should be kept clean from excess oil, but maintain natural moisture content without stripping off natural illness from the body and skin.

Safe on skin : Use natural products that are safe on the body and skin. Natural ingredients make sure that you get the benefit without harming the skin. Sulphate and paraben included bodywash must be avoided to protect your body from potential harm

100% natural: Natural Ingredients act as natural emollients and keep the skin and body hydrated.

neem body wash

Why do you need Natural Body Washes?

Natural Ingredients: Sulphate and Paraben Free Body Wash nourishes your skin and gives it a natural glow.

Healing Properties: Natural Ingredients like Neem and aloe vera are good to purify, clarify and protect your skin from potential germ attacks. Herbal Actives cleanses your skin from germs and bacteria.

Natural Fragrance: Natural lovely fragrance helps in relaxing the mind and body and keeps you positive and energetic. Lavender, Shea Butter etc, are natural ingredients that give a lovely fragrance, improving your bathing experience.

Ingredients are the major part of natural products. While choosing products like body wash look for ingredients that retain natural oiliness in the skin, while giving you an ethereal bathing experience. Use body washes that soothes and moisturizes your skin, with aromatic ingredients for a fine nourishing experience. Every bath should deliver a refreshing glow to keep your mind and body energetic for the whole day. Nature’s nurture is the best for this and herbal body washes are ideal for a refreshing bathing ritual.

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