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Best Skin Care Routine Everyone Should Try

7 night skin care routine everyone should try

7 Night Skin Care Routine Everyone Should Try

Healthy Skin is a dream come true. With an added stress on filter-free skin, searches online have boomed with queries on Ayurvedic products online, Natural Skincare routine, Herbal products for skin regimen etc. A good night’s sleep with an adequate skincare regimen can help you gain glowing radiant skin post-sleep when you wake up. A set of skincare tips that can be followed before sleep helps to achieve good radiant skin over time. Moreover, following skincare tips during the day can sometimes affect the skin as it is exposed to external factors like dust and dirt that builds upon the skin. However, at night skin allows it to repair itself, allowing the growth of skin cells that avoid daytime damage. Ideally, daytime skincare should be more focused on skin protection and the night skin care regimen should be for restoration. A good night skincare routine rejuvenates skin and helps to retain that during the next day. Read on to find out simple, easy-to-follow tips for skincare tips that can be followed at night to get radiant skin.

1. Remove Makeup

The first and foremost step to a good night skincare routine is to remove the makeup if any. Over the day, skin collects dirt and impurities into the skin. Hence the first step is to remove the product buildup on the face. Use micellar water to remove makeup applied on the face. Micellar water has tiny micelles of oil molecules that lift the oil molecules from the skin like a magnet.

2. Double cleanse

A good cleanser is an unavoidable part of skincare, especially for the night skin routine. A long day outside collects dirt and dust on the skin which needs to be removed before going to bed. Good cleansing removes dirt, dust or pollutants, dead skin cells buildup or other product buildups on the skin. Going to bed with an unwashed face will trigger inflammation disrupting skin. With advanced skincare regimen patterns, Double cleansing is a term that gained popularity recently. It is a process of washing the face first with an oil-based formula, followed by a water-based one. If your skin is dry, cleansers with Aloe Vera are recommended to hydrate skin. If your skin tends to be oily, opt for Cleansers that are exfoliation based. Cleansers like Dhathri Saffron Face wash can be used to cleanse the skin, with the goodness of Saffron, Papaya, Pomegranate, Bearberry, etc that has natural ingredients which cleanse the face thoroughly and keep face free from dirt and impurities.

Saffron face wash

3. Heavier formula for night Skincare

Night skin care routines require the use of heavy formulas including creams that locks the moisture in during sleep. Use a heavy moisturizer for the night as skin tends to be more receptive during the night. Starting from serum to a moisturizer, choose heavier oily formulas at night and lighter products during the day as skin tends to lose hydration during sleep. Hence adding a heavier oil before sleep will lock the moisture and add the needed benefit to the skin, reflecting a glowing skin the next day. There are false assumptions that skin needs to breathe during the night, hence leaving it free. But as skin tends to be more permeable at night, it is better to use at least a moisturizer to trap moisture content in the skin.

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4. Apply a toner

Toner forms yet another important and unavoidable part of night skin care. Toners do the job of cleansing pores. It also balances the pH ratio of skin, making it balanced to normal levels, so it does not suffer from breakouts. They are known to possess the power to reduce excess sebum production. Toners are also a way to balance the oil content in the skin. They hydrate the skin and keep oiliness maintained as well.

5. Overnight Face Masks

Face masks can be used as a detoxifying method for the skin. They have a lot of importance on skin rejuvenation. The primary goal of a face mask is to provide anti aging and moisturization benefits.

Hyaluronic acid is a new term in the skincare routine and has been the talk of skincare experts. It’s a naturally produced compound in the skin that holds moisture, keeping skin firm and plump. Hyaluronic acid levels in the skin, however, get depleted over time, wherein overnight face masks come to the rescue. Hyaluronic acid in skin is the means to hydrate skin, reduce the wrinkle depth and improve the elasticity of the skin. Overnight masks are also a way to boost the skin with Vitamin A & C.

6. Change Pillow Covers frequently

Dirty pillow covers are the ways by which skin gets prone to oiliness and dirt. Even though it may seem an unrealistic fact, there is a level of truth in it. It is advised that people who are prone to sensitive skin, or acne-prone skin or breakout-prone skin, change their pillow covers every two days. Using the pillowcase for long harbouring bacteria and causing allergies. Changing pillow cases frequently can prevent pimples, inflamed skin, eczema flare-ups, and illness.

7. Eye creams &  Eye serums

Eye creams or serums are also a part of the night skin care routine. Eye serums are a way to get rid of dark circles, eye bags, fine lines or puffiness due to stress or other factors. One thing to note while applying a night cream is that not to go too near eyes while applying eye creams. Eyelashes can pick up the product and it may get into the eye, causing issues, hence be careful and avoid close contact with eyelashes while applying eye creams. Anything that goes into the eye can cause irritation causing puffiness.

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Getting into night skin care routine:

It might be time-consuming to start a proper night skin care routine, especially after a long day’s work. However, the routine that you follow to maintain the skin helps to give your skin a radiant smooth glow, revitalizing skin cells and making you glow the next day. Ayurvedic ingredients are the best when it comes to skin. With gradual and beneficial changes, the Ayurveda-based products for the skincare routine ensure that it heals. Today, Natural skincare products are on-trend, with growing interest in natural and herbal ways of living. The availability of a multitude of Ayurveda-based products online for every category including hair skin and body has added an extra emphasis on Ayurvedic Skincare products as well. Opt for Ayurveda and its healing techniques to boost your skin with natural ingredients and give it a damage-free, filter-free glow.

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