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How to choose the best body wash for all seasons

How to choose the best body wash for all seasons

How to choose the best body wash for all seasons


A good body care routine helps to make your skin stay in a good condition. Along with proper hair care and skin care regimen, good body care is a necessity to stay young and wrinkle-free. Washing your body with a range of body cleansers makes your skin supple and soft which otherwise would be rough and dry. Body care is also the foremost part of hygiene and it defines how much care you give to your hygiene practices. But the best body products for skin that you need may vary from the kind of products used by others. It’s essential to identify the skin type that you have and accordingly choose the ideal set of body cleaning products for your body care regimen. Along with the knowledge of what is ideal for your skin, it is also essential to know the basic difference between shower gel and body wash. Shower gels are thicker formulas whereas body washes have a liquid texture and feel more moisturizing.  Ever since the relevance of natural products gained importance, Ayurvedic products have been in demand. Ayurvedic body washes are more popular among Ayurvedic bath and body products. Multiple online ayurvedic stores are now selling ayurvedic soaps and body washes that do not strip the natural moisture from skin but maintain a supple finish after every bath.

If you are looking for a set of best shower gel that cleanse the body and keep it hygienic, read on and explore how to choose the best body wash that suits every season.

What should be looked at while choosing a good body wash?

Any Body Wash must be free from sulphate synthetic colors and fragrances, phthalates, triclosan, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/sodium Laureth sulfate (SLES), formaldehyde as they may cause irritation in the skin especially the ones with sensitive skin. Paraben, even though a preservative, are connected to risks of cancer. Sulphates on the other hand, responsible for forming lather or foam cause skin dryness and other irritation.

The fragrance in a body wash must always be a natural fragrance extracted from herbs or flowers. It is ideal to keep away from synthetic fragrances. In accordance with these, it is advisable to look for herbal formulas that have natural herbs and ingredients. Ancient ayurvedic principles are now used to produce natural and safe products that are free from harmful chemicals and create a long term benefit.

Ayurveda holds significant importance for bathing as a sacred and therapeutic process that can change the energy/mood levels in a person.

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What kinds of Body Washes should be chosen based on skin type?

Dry skin: Dry skin requires creamier formulas. Look for body washes that have hydrating ingredients like Aloe vera to keep skin hydrated during all weather conditions. Dhathri Aloe vera body wash is the best body wash for dry skin with rich natural ingredients including the goodness of Aloe vera which is a good cleanser for the skin from impurities and Cucumber that brings a soothing and refreshing effect. It has great antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties, and is also known to fight the damaging effects of pollution and UV rays on the skin. Aloe vera is a hydrating herb that is often used in every Best body care products. This body wash also has Mandarin Orange which is a rich source Of Vitamin C that helps clear up the skin of excess oils, fights to age and promotes cell renewal giving skin a refreshing radiance with every shower. 

Oily Skin: Oily skin is natural.  People sometimes think oily skin is an indicator of dirt however oiliness is produced excessively due to excess sebum production which is related to hormones and genetics. Washing it won’t make the oiliness go away. Instead, use lighter shower gels that can prevent breakouts that are caused by over clogging up dead cells. Ingredients like Lavender can manage hormonal levels. It can soothe the skin and form the best natural source for a soothing bathing ritual. Dhathri Shea Butter Body Wash is made from extracts of pure Shea Butter and Lavender which soothes the skin and gives a long-lasting fragrance.

Sensitive skin: Those with sensitive skin should always be choosy on their skincare products, as a wrong choice can cause breakouts and acne. For sensitive skin, it is always better to go body washes that are ayurvedic and herbal, as ayurvedic formulas are safe on any skin type. 

Seasonal Influence: Choosing body wash is largely dependent on the ingredient that goes into it. If herbal formulas are your favorite choice for body wash, you are on the right track. Go for herbal formulas, if you have sensitive skin. Based on seasons, skin may become dry, oily etc. for this, it’s the best choice to go for ayurvedic ingredients that give the real essence of ingredients and deliver you rejuvenating baths with rich natural ingredients. 

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During Winter, use moisturizing body washes that keep skin soft and free from dryness. During Summer, use body washes that are hydrating and give a good fragrance to keep you fresh and alive throughout the day. Monsoon can also cause dryness in the skin. Choose body washes that can soothe the skin, away from germ and irritation and keep it free from rashes or skin irritation.

Try our range of Herbal body washes that can give you a rejuvenating bath filled with the rich natural ingredients that nourish your skin and keep it soft & smooth.

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