Why do people buy beauty products online?

why do people buy beauty products online

A few years back online shopping was known to very few, however over the past couple of years, or probably the last decade saw a tremendous increase in the number of people who buy products online. Today from groceries to cosmetics, everything we need for daily life is bought online.  This is because of a variety of reasons including the availability of stock which may vary in a physical store. Convenience also matters. Amidst a busy schedule, people find it extremely useful to buy their necessities from online stores. Read on to find out why there is a growing trend towards buying beauty& cosmetic products online than buying them from a physical store. 

Top 7 reasons why people buy beauty products Online

1. Availability and variety of products.

The stock limitation is a major reason. Physical stores only keep things that are common and needed. The variety of products may differ. Also, the variety of products hugely varies for products purchased online as online stores may have multiple choices for selection.

2. Ease of access/ Convenience

 While  purchasing beauty products, people may first think a couple of times to match their preferences. Say, for example, a customer buying a lipstick online may first think whether it might look good on her or not. However, once she purchases the product, the product code or the colour is fixed and she can easily make a purchase next time. There is also the convenience of buying it whenever they want, be it in a college or be it at the office. They can also make the purchase while travelling or late at night which is not possible for physical stores. This saves up a lot of time for people with busy schedules as purchasing online may save hours of travel and time that they might take for shopping from a physical store.

3. Discounts and huge offers

The major attraction towards online shopping is because of the offers it gives to its customers. Often people compare offers and buy ayurvedic products online for a similar set of products. This is also the reason why a lot of consumers are now switching to online shopping. Especially when it comes to buying ayurvedic products online. The beauty and cosmetic industry are flooding the customers with offers that they never get from retail stores. This attracts a lot of youth to the online stores. Along with discounts and offers, online brands offers special perks for people who becomes a part of their online community.  Their member gets extra benefits and early access to sales and discounts. Some brands offer customers benefits such as extra offers when they purchase from their online store for a second time.

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4. Sales Pressure

One thing that tires customers is the pressure that is given to them to try and buy different other products when they are actually searching for something else in a retail store. This is absent in online shopping wherein customers have the complete freedom to take time and skim throughout the variety of products and services, leave it halfway if they wish or save them for later, without being affected by questions. Online customers thus get the benefit of privacy and time that they wish for while purchasing online. They have the complete freedom to buy only the products they want without being disturbed. 

5. Returns/ exchange

Returns and exchanges are also a reason why people purchase products online. If they dislike the product or want to exchange it for something else, most brands offer returns and exchanges under specific conditions. For the beauty and cosmetic industry, Return and exchange have strict conduct which has to be followed while returning the product.

6. Easy Checkout

While purchasing products online, one important advantage is the easy checkout offered by brands. Without hassle faced at a physical store. Sometimes brands offer quick discounts at checkout which attracts a huge group of consumers. All these add value to how much a user finds it easy to shop online. Whatever brands do has to add up brand consideration in the mind of a consumer. Delivery also plays an important role in brand consideration. People always want items delivered early. Hence delivery time and duration matter for a brand. Giving them accurate time by which items will reach them gives consumers satisfaction post-purchase. 

7. Reviews/UGC

Reviews and UGC or User Generated Content plays a huge role in the purchase of products, especially beauty and cosmetic products. With multiple hours of being online, viewing thousands of influencers, celebrities, youth today are focused on attaining a filter-free skin that is flawless. This is the reason why a lot of consumers buy beauty products online. Moving from the trend of celebrity endorsements, today common people and influencers are the ones that endorse various products. The credibility is higher when the common people and influencers promote beauty products than big celebrities. For beauty products, customers buy based on the amount of content around a product. They trust the brand that has multiple reviews, usage videos and other content on the product they wish to purchase.

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Overall Consumers buy beauty and cosmetic products online because of their unique features and ease of access. Taking Ayurvedic beauty care into consideration, a number of consumers today look for an Online ayurvedic store that provides them with safe beauty and personal care products. The goodness of Ayurveda is that they never spoil or cause damage. Instead, they provide some amount of healing to the cause addressed. Buy Organic products online, specifically beauty and personal care products at Dhathri and explore the pure essence of Ayurveda for enhanced overall wellness.

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