How to Prevent Hair fall in 8 Ways

How to stop hair fall in 8 ways

How to Stop Hair fall in 8 Ways


Hair loss is a bother! While trying out hundred’s of products, we often forget to alter simple mistakes that have been a part of our Lifestyle. Along with using the right products for your hair type, it is also essential to practice healthy habits that can bring about significant changes in your core area of hair concern. Read on and find out how to stop hair fall with these simple measures that can be followed in your lifestyle pattern to keep hair loss at bay and promote healthy hair growth. 

1. Do a scalp massage

Regular scalp massage can stimulate blood circulation and oxygen to the scalp, rejuvenating hair follicles to grow healthy hair. This delivers more nutrients to the roots and helps to enhance hair growth. Scalp massage has mental health benefits as well which adds up to overall health. A good scalp massage can soothe your hair strands and activate hair follicles by stretching the cells on hair follicles. This stimulates follicles to grow thick hair. Use a good scalp massage oil and massage your scalp with fingertips for a few minutes. You can massage the scalp gently while Dhathri’s Hair Care Plus Herbal Oil is a herbal oil with 21 natural ingredients clinically proven to stimulate hair growth and reduce existing hair fall.

 2. Choose a good cleanser

A good nourishing cleanser is an ideal choice to stop hair fall. However, opt for cleansers that are natural or herbal with ingredients that aid hair growth. Using mild shampoo and conditioners ensures that your hair stays free from dirt, dust or oil or product buildup from styling products. However, use a cleanser that retains natural oiliness and moisture in hair while cleansing it. Regular shampoos contain chemicals that form lather. However natural cleansers may not form lather but leave your tresses moisturized. Natural hair cleansers are a source of ingredients rich in natural goodness that helps to retain moisture content in hair. Use a herbal conditioner that is safe on the scalp to prevent hair damage.


3. Careful styling

Careful styling can reduce a lot of potential damage that can be caused knowingly or unknowingly. Here are some tips you can follow to stop hair fall due to the styling of products.

  • While dying your hair to different colours, choose colours that are one or two layers darker or lighter than going for an entirely different shade on hair. This reduces the damage intensity.
  • Use a wide-bristle comb and gently brush your hair when your hair is wet. As wet hair is prone to easy breakage. 
  • Avoid overdoing styling products or styling treatments as this creates frizz and damage on hair, weakening hair roots.
  • Try and avoid harsh hair creams or gel, if you are using one, try to comb through hair strands before it gets dry as it will lead to hair breakage.
  • Use mild shampoo on hair, especially if you use shampoo or cleanser daily. Mild formulas are gentle on hair and do not strip the natural oiliness of the hair and scalp

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4. Healthy diet

It’s a known fact that a healthy diet constitutes healthy hair. What goes into your food can control the health of your hair. Hair needs essential nutrients or protein to maintain a lustrous outlook. Here are a few foods that can be added to your diet to get healthy shiny hair. Essential fatty acids: omega-3s that enhance the health of hair and nails. Fish including salmon and tuna are rich in Omega-3.Consume foods like meat, poultry and fish that are rich in Vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid which enhance hair health. Consume protein-rich foods including cheese, oats, milk, eggs, chicken etc are rich in proteins.

 5. Keep calm and be stress-free

Stress and anxiety are major causes of hair loss, as per many studies and researches. However, most of us are prone to stress from our field of work. However, if we adopt methods that reduce stress or incidents that can cause anxiety, it not only benefits health but also reduces hair loss.

Following are some of the effective and easy to do steps to reduce stress are as follows.

  • Move out and get some fresh air.
  • Do yoga, meditation or exercises that can calm your mind. Physical exercise can relieve mental stress.
  • Engage in healthy conversations that rejuvenate oneself, and enhance knowledge as well.
  • Take healthy supplements that aid health by reducing stress and anxiety. Ashwagandha Capsules are good to improve mental alertness and reduce stress and anxiety.
6. Use hair masks or hair protectors

Hair Cream with natural ingredients, Unlike hair gels, good pomade can restrict hair loss. Use a hair protector pomade that is a combination of oils like coconut oil which enhances healthy hair growth. Dhathri has a Hair protector cream made from concentrated oil and 15 natural ingredients to nourish hair and enhance hair growth. This pomade seals in moisture and prevents dandruff and dryness. Alternatively, use hair masks that are rich in natural ingredients to nourish hair in between hectic schedules. Hair masks can add shine and lustre to hair. It will also get rid of frizz and dullness.

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7. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is a regular known magical measure to reduce hair loss. It penetrates deep into hair shafts and prevents hair breakage. Simultaneously it removes product buildup and moisturizes hair strands well. It is also said to hold back protein in hair that adds to hair growth. Coconut oil is made up of Lauric acid that helps in easier absorption than other oils. Traditionally many people used coconut oil before and after bath to keep hair well-groomed and protect it from breakage. Coconut oil hair massage is an ideal hair care routine that can be followed on a daily basis or on a weekly basis depending on your hectic schedule. This helps to maintain the existing thickness without adding harm.

Hair care plus

8. Hair and scalp care

Proper care is required when it comes to hair and scalp. Use nourishing hair care oils that stimulate hair follicles to grow more. Natural cleansers cleanse and keep hair free from excess oil and dirt. Natural conditioners give shine and smoothness to hair. Use a hair protector to seal moisture in hair strands.  

Step to Natural Hair Care Routine

Hair loss can be treated with hair products, however, these few simple steps should be taken alongside to stop hair fall and to foster healthy hair growth naturally. These are a few ways that can be adopted to stop hair fall without adding harm to the existing damage caused. Follow these simple steps and step into a good hair care regimen that includes natural nourishing hair care oils, cleansers and protector creams, that improves overall hair health with its natural bevvy of ingredients.

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