Importance of Hygiene in Our Daily Life

Importance of hygiene in our daily life

Importance of Hygiene in Our Daily Life


Hygiene forms a crucial part of health today. With added importance on keeping oneself immune, healthy, safe and free from diseases, hygiene has also formed an unavoidable part of a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps the importance of hygiene has surged during the past few years due to pandemic situations that forced us to start hygiene practices, to keep us safe and germ-free.  With this in mind, multiple campaigns have been conducted to reinforce the ideal in our minds. 

Hygiene is a basic part of daily life. Keeping your body clean is as important as air, food and water to survive. Unhygienic practices make one ill or fall sick. Hence its the need of the hour to stay hygienic and practice a hygienic lifestyle. Today with multiple sources to reach and purchase the right products for hygiene, it is easy to find the best suited for your ideal hygiene care regimen. Ayurvedic products online have gained popularity, serving the purpose of giving long term benefits. Online Ayurvedic stores like Dhathri has a range of herbal formulas for keeping the body, skin and hands germ-free. Read on as you find the importance of hygiene practices today and tips to stay healthy through hygiene practices.

Importance of practicing hygiene steps

Pracicising hygiene is also the foundation for the prevention of diseases. When the pandemic hit, adding stress on keeping hands clean as the utmost priority to stay away from germs, hygiene products for hands and body were also introduced. However, it is also important to keep hands and feet clean while using products that are safe on the skin and body. Take a look at the importance of adopting certain steps to keep oneself hygienic and healthy.

1. Social Hygiene practices:

Keep a Distance

This may sound funny, but it is important to keep yourself away at public places including shops, offices, malls, gyms etc. Sometimes people forget to keep a distance and this end up in catching viruses, and diseases. Wear a mask at all places to keep germs from entering your body through the air. This keeps us safe from inhaling heavy respiratory droplets that carry germs. Use sanitiser wherever necessary. Even though we know sanitiser has to be used every now and then, most of us forget to use it at the right time when it is needed.

Apart from lift doors, switches, door knobs etc, it is also important to keep your school/office desk sanitized, the keys and wallets that you use regularly, shoes and bags that you use daily etc. these can also carry germs around. Use sanitisers that have antimicrobial properties. Ayurvedic products are the best when it comes to personal care. 

Instant Sanitizer from dhathri has ingredients including neem and lemon that kills germs, purify and protects hands from disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Dirt free Hands:

Washing hands often form the best way to keep yourself germ-free. At Dhathri we have Handwashes that are completely safe to use on sensitive skin and hands. These handwashes do not dry up your skin. It keeps your hands germ-free while cleansing it.

Anti-bacterial Turmeric Handwash: An ayurvedic formula that cleanses hands with 100% soap-free formula and extracts of turmeric, neem, lemongrass and cinnamon that does the job of cleansing without making hands dry. Turmeric has antibacterial and antiseptic properties which makes it the best and ideal solution especially during these trying times to keep hands germ-free. Note that this hand wash is free from triclosan, parabens, SLS, mineral oil & silicones and it retains the natural moisture in the hands.


Aloevera Handwash:

Known for its hydrating properties, Aloe vera hand wash from Dhathri ensures your hands are moisturized and hydrated while cleansing hands with ingredients like tulsi and eucalyptus, which hold medicinal properties. This hand wash is also made from reetha, cucumber. It’s an ideal blend of natural ingredients that has the richness of antibacterial, antimicrobial properties, and is free from triclosan and parabens. This ensures that hands do not lose out on their natural moisture.

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2. Body Care:

Dental Hygiene:

Keep mouth hygienic to avoid germ attacks. Use Ayurvedic toothpaste that keeps your oral health perfect, protected from germs. Oral health is equally important and forms a part of body care.

Nail hygiene:

Nails are one of the causes of germs entering the body. We often teach kids to cut their nails and keep them clean, while adults who grow nails forget that they are also at risk. 

Face Hygiene:

Facial care regimen is also important these days as dirt and pollutants get collected in pores when you step out, wash your face often and adopt natural remedies to clear your face from getting clogged with dirt and pollutants.

3. Washing fruits and vegetables:

Washing fruits and vegetables form the basic step to avoid food borne diseases. These fruit and vegetable washes ensure that the dirt, dust, wax or pesticides, u=fungus, bacteria, virus and germs on the surface of the fruits and vegetables are removed before usage. However, it is also important that the fruit and vegetable wash you use for washing them is free from alcohol or does not contain chlorine, preservatives, or any soap as they can be harmful. Dhathri Pure greens Fruit wash is an ideal option to wash vegetables and fruits to clean them without worrying about chemicals. It is free from harmful chemicals like Lauryl Glucoside or Potassium Sorbate. As pure greens is made from herbal based ingredients, it is safe to be used for cleaning cut, sliced, peeled or porous vegetables and fruits 

4. Personal responsibility:

Personal Hygiene starts from taking care of skin, adopting good bathing practices, keeping the mouth clean, hands and feet etc. It is not restricted to keeping the body and skin hygienic. When you step outside, it is important that the vegetables, fruits and other necessities you purchase are also kept clean and away from germs. When you buy ayurvedic products online, look for ayurvedic products that have rich natural ingredients which are safe for any skin and body, allowing you to maintain health and hygiene, without harming your body. Being self-responsible is the first step to healthy hygiene practice. Once you are aware of maintaining hygiene practices, it is equally important to teach and spread awareness to others to begin hygiene practice that keeps them and others safe from diseases.

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