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5 Simple Skin Care Routines Everyone Should Try

hectic schedule follow 5 simple skin care routines

Hectic Schedule? Follow these 5 Simple Skin Care Routines Everyone Should Try


Importance of Skin Care


Taking care of your skin is more than a choice but a must-do activity today. Looking past conventional thoughts on fair, and beautiful, today an added emphasis on maintaining healthy skin of any color, or skin type. Healthy skin reflects a glow inside out. An effective skincare routine keeps your skin in a well-balanced condition and prevents issues like acne, scars, marks etc. A proper Skin Care regimen at an early stage can equip your skin for early aging and wrinkles.  Read on to find out a few simple Skin Care Routines everyone should try to get healthy skin that lasts longer.


5 Simple Skin Care Routines


Cleanse thoroughly:

Cleansing is an important and unavoidable part of the skincare routine. Skin tends to collect dirt, dust and impurities over a day that can cause clogged pores and acne. Cleansing can get rid of potential chances for breakouts. Thorough cleansing removes traces of unwanted dirt, pollutants and impurities, avoiding chances for clogged pores. Begin your cleansing with soap or face wash that thoroughly cleans and removes dullness and dead cells, keeping your face and skin fresh throughout the day. While choosing a cleanser, choose ones that have natural ingredients like neem, aloe vera , and Sandalwood that retain natural oiliness or moisture while cleansing the skin. It is advisable to cleanse your skin at least twice a day to refresh your skin. Use a cleansing face wash with extracts of neem turmeric or saffron which can help to improve your skin complexion while cleansing it.

Exfoliate properly:

Exfoliation and its importance gained popularity recently. Though it may sound like an additional skincare regimen, it is not. Exfoliating is the most effective method to bring a glow to your skin. By removing dead skin cells, skin regains freshness and radiance. Dead skin cells block deep penetration and help the skin to absorb the treatment we give on a bigger scale. An alternative is to try a natural face pack with ayurvedic ingredients that bring back lost shine and glow to the face and keep it free from acne, scars, marks or breakouts. Skipping the exfoliation process can lead to the appearance of blackheads and clogged pores.


Staying hydrated is one of the best skin care routines you can do to your body. Skin looks rejuvenated when it is hydrated. Hydrating can make the skin smooth and soft. When the outer layer of skin is dry and lacks moisture, it loses its smoothness and elasticity. This outer layer should always have a moisture content that flushes out toxins and helps give nutrients to the inner layers of the skin. Dry skin can cause flaky patches, inflammation, and wrinkles and lead to shrinkage of cells. For some skin types, insufficient hydration can lead to excess oil production to meet the dryness. This causes excess oily skin. Hydrating helps to balance the moisture content in the skin. 


Though people commonly believe that hydration and moisturization are the same, it is not. Hydrating is the process of improving the body’s ability to absorb moisture and nutrients whereas moisturization is the process of locking in the moisture that acts as a defensive barrier to protect your skin. In other words, Hydration is the path that leads to moisturization. It’s a process of sealing all the necessary treatments you have given your skin. Moisturizing your skin helps to stay young. Massaging your skin while applying a moisturizing cream can stimulate blood circulation as well, which leads to new cell generation. Regular moisturization is important to keep skin free from excess dryness and oiliness. Try to use a moisturizing cream with natural ingredients like aloe vera that hydrates your skin and reduces tiny blemishes, marks and scars.

Protect:-Skin is prone to a number of dangers including, dust, dirt, impurities, sun rays and tan. It is extremely important to protect your skin from factors like these to provide long-day protection to the skin even if you’re outside and traveling. A good spf moisturiser is an ideal step towards the harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. Believe it or not, the sun is responsible for 90% of aging. Using Spf can prevent this.

Step into a Good Skin Care Regimen


If you are ready to begin your skincare routines, start with these simple skincare routines that may help you treat, purify and clarify your skin from skin concerns. Begin with Herbal face wash, use an SPF cream to keep your skin protected and use natural products with ayurvedic ingredients which are safe on the skin. Aloe vera is a hydrating ingredient, and aloe vera gel hydrates skin and keeps it soft and smooth.

A proper skin care regimen can reduce early ageing signs on the skin and reduce signs of wrinkles. Skin becomes healthy with the usage of the right products that keep it rejuvenated and refreshed day after day. Healthy skin boosts self-confidence as well. Explore the range of ayurvedic ingredients that helps you keep your skin in a well-balanced condition free from germs, impurities and other skin-related concerns!

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